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Movie Review: Raya and the Last Dragon (2021) movies

Movie Review: Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)

(Mar 24, 2021) Raya rests on a familiar quest to search for parts of a relic to piece together - for good or bad. What makes this movie worth going to are numerous - cutting-edge animation technology, emotionally engaging episodes , Wonder Woman-ish female power, and fluid storyline.....more »»

Bangkok for Passport Renewal traveling

Bangkok for Passport Renewal

(Mar 17-21, 2021) My passport was nearing its 6-month expiry threshold - time to have it renewed at the embassy in Bangkok. This trip also gives me a break from Chiang Mai, its pollution and its heat.....more »»

Private One-on-One Yoga Classes with Doriana yoga

Private One-on-One Yoga Classes with Doriana

(Feb 17 - Mar 14, 2021) Doriana was a complete stranger until I met her at Ollie's and Ceylin's picnic at the CMU pond. I saw her put eye drops on her eyes. I said there is a better, natural and cost-effective way to moisturize the eyes through yoga. She asked that I do it, and not just explain. So, on the spot, I conducted trataka shatkriya, surya pradarshini mudra and sambhavi mudra. She felt an immediate relief. Only then did she ask me to teach her how to gain flexibility and strength through yoga.....more »»

Transformational Life Events lucid thoughts in Chiang Mai, Thailand slice of life in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Transformational Life Events

(Mar 13, 2021) While trading stories with Cherry, she found my life adventures interesting and asked if I could make a short presentation of the turn of events that led me to my present lot - a nomadic life in quest of spirituality.....more »»

Guess Who's Coming to Bread Day? Nong Khai, Thailand

Guess Who's Coming to Bread Day?

(Mar 1, 2021) Alan, Nicola and I were all protective about our dynamics on our Monday Bread Day. So far, no one has been allowed unanimously for fear of disruption. But then, Christine came along.....more »»

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