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ABS Fitness Challenge

abs Saturday ABS Yoga Classes

This is open to the public and not limited to participants of ABS Fitness Challenge

Days: every Saturday beginning Jan 15 to Apr 16, 2022 (3 months)
Times: 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm (90 minutes)
Location Google Map: Nawa Saraan Hotel, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Fee: Baht 250/pax
Note: bring your mat, come on time

Jan 29 Class:
The ABS asanas will focus on the obliques and the intercostals this time (isometric/dynamic side planks, weighted side bends, Russian twist), interspersed with HIIT (high intensity interval training - shadow boxing, knee taps, butt kicks, jumping jacks, fast foot shuffle, switching mountain climbers), followed by Wim Hof breathing. Anapana Meditation comes at the end to close the practice.

Jan 22 Class

The ABS asanas will focus on the front abs (abdominus rectus, solar plexus, transversus abdominis - leg raises, crunches, hip raises, boat pose, high plank, Russian twist, seated in&out) but this time, interspersed with HIIT movement, followed by Wim Hof breathing. Chakra Mantra Chanting comes at the end to close the practice.

Jan 15 Class

Class dynamics will consist of sun salutations, pranamyama (Wim Hof, Bhastrika, Kapalabhati, Ujjayi), and standing energy meditation conducted by Shen Shuiying. After yoga class, she will also conduct a free acupuncture talk/demo/hands-on. She is also a qualified Chinese Medicine practitioner.

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