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April 2017 Blogs

Valencia Revisited traveling

Valencia Revisited

(Apr 30, 2017) Valencia is a special place to me. I stayed there a full year back in the day. When Rachel invited me to meet her at Valencia's weekend market, I was raring to go and see my town up the mountain all over again....more »»

A Life of Suffering? I Disagree lucid

A Life of Suffering? I Disagree

(Apr 24, 2017) Buddha claims that all life is suffering caused by selfish craving and personal desire. Christianity claims that we are born into suffering with Original Sin from Adam and Eve. Islam says suffering is built into the fabric of existence so that Allah may see who is truly righteous. In Judaism, suffering was thought to be the ultimate form of divine purification leading to unio mystica. I ponder. Why should life default to suffering? I have a limited mind, limited thinking and a limited life experience - but I disagree.....more »»

Goodbye Apo Island traveling

Goodbye Apo Island

(Apr 23, 2017) My 2-week stay in Apo Island for Mario's FAKProgram came to an end. It went by fast and it was intense - everyday yoga, everyday diving and everyday interacting with staff, the Plongeurs du Monde and dive guests. It felt like a mini-life. Now I pack-up again and see where the wind takes me.....more »»

Freediving Certification Course in Apo Island with Jean-Jacques Gautier of Plongeurs du Monde freediving

Freediving Certification Course in Apo Island with Jean-Jacques (JJ) Gautier of Plongeurs du Monde

(Apr 11-22, 2017) JJ has 49 years experience in freediving and has been teaching since 2004. To date, he is a licensed freedive instructor with PADI, AIDA and the French Federation (Federation Francaise d'Etudes et de Sports Sous Marins). He has done dives with freediving legends across the globe. It is a rare privilege to be tutored by one of the world's most experienced freediving teachers...more »»

Scuba Diving in Apo Island scuba

Scuba Diving in Apo Island

(Apr 13-23, 2017) While conducting yoga classes in Apo Island, I was free to join any scuba dive party at Mario Scuba Diving - and I did. With Dive Masters MacMac and Jed, I had the assurance of safe and enjoyable dive despite my one year absence from it. A meter-long Trevali, an even longer Spanish Mackerel, schools of fish, vibrant coral reef, drift dive, wall was all for the taking....more »»

Teaching Yoga in Apo Island yoga

Teaching Yoga in Apo Island

(Apr 10-22, 2017) It was good fortune to receive an invite to teach yoga in Apo Island to a group of young locals who were training for their Dive Certification as part of Mario Pascobello's annual community outreach program. It was daily yoga starting at 6am which included asana, pranayama and meditation.....more »»

Hiking in Apo Island mtn

Hiking in Apo Island

(Apr 17, 2017) Hiking isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word Apo Island. But a hike around the island's perimeter offers stunning view that takes your breath away....more »»

Revisiting Apo Island traveling

Revisiting Apo Island

(Apr 10, 2017) Having my respite in Camotes Islands and Cebu City, I was off to one of my favorite dive spots in the country - Apo Island. The invite by Mario Pascobello to teach yoga to a group of local youth in Apo Island as part of his annual community outreach program (FAKP - Future Apo Kids Program) was an offer I could not refuse. I'd share my yoga to these youth, scuba dive and hike around Apo Island....more »»

3-Night Cebu Stopover traveling

3-Night Cebu Stopover

(Apr 6-9, 2017) I could have gone straight to Apo Island, but by-pass Cebu City? It would seem rude to ignore a benevolent destination I've had memorable moments with. Besides, I am excited to see my friends - and I am grateful to have plenty of that in the (city).....more »»

Daghang Salamat (Many Thanks) Camotes Islands, Goodbye traveling

Daghang Salamat (Many Thanks) Camotes Islands, Goodbye

(Apr 6, 2017) After nearly 3 months in Camotes Islands, the need to move on became apparent. Having accomplished nearly everything I set out to do on the island, staying any further would seem like over-extending my welcome. I cannot be more grateful for the abundance, the friendship, the learning and all the experience that enhanced my journey. Daghang salamat Camotes Islands!....more »»

A Culture of Noise sliceoflife

A Culture of Noise

(Apr 5, 2017) Filipinos embrace a festive culture characterized by music and fanfare. Silence is simply not part of the local culture - it is looked upon as lonely and undesirable. However, the music is cranked-up to nauseating noise levels that reflects something already dysfunctional in the culture. Camotes Islands, as much as I love this place, is perhaps the perfect example.....more »»

Exploring Tulang Diot (Little Island) traveling

Exploring Tulang Diot (Little Island)

(Apr 2, 2017) From the main Camotes Island, Tulang Diot is just a kilometer away north of Sonog in San Francisco. You could see the white sand beach and the boat is just P10/pax, one way. With no electricity, they have no karaoke - that's music to my ears!....more »»

In Search of the Hidden Beach traveling

In Search of the Hidden Beach

(Apr 1, 2017) When I zoomed-in on my Maps.Me app, I saw this circular beach about 50 feet across with a narrow 8-ft sea entrance through the limestone rocks. There were no roads to it and even the narrow trail marks stopped far from it. It looked isolated and hidden from everyone. Google Maps didn't even show it. It was too easy to miss-off from the map since it was so tiny. Time to do some exploring on my bicycle to see if it exists!....more »»

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