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Visiting the White Crater (Kawa Putih) of Bandung Jun 28, 2016

Visiting the White Crater (Kawa Putih) of Bandung

GPS waypoint: 7°09'58.3"S 107°24'07.5"E
Location: Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung City
Bandung is Indonesia's third largest city with an elevation of 768 masl (meters above sea level). It enjoys a cool climate but plagued by crippling traffic like most of Indonesia. It's on the tourist map for its two volcanoes - Kawa Putih (White Crater) and Tangkuban Perahu. From Bogor where I was, Bandung was along the way towards my Eastbound direction in exploring Java so it easily became my next destination. Upon arriving, first stop was Kawa Putih.

Kawa Putih
Kawa Putih or White Crater, is a volcanic crater with an elevation of 2,430 meters up, about 50 kms south of Bandung. The crater lake has a surreal milky white/green hue with sulfuric vents coming out of one side. A prolonged stay could be nauseating. It's last known eruption was stil in the 1600s. You actually go down the rim of the crater until you come into the crater lake. The crater sits in the middle of a thick forest with hiking trails. It's a spectacle, but after having seen it, there's nothing else to do. Admission: IDR 50k park entrance, IDR 15k shuttle (return)

Visiting the White Crater (Kawa Putih) of Bandung
mangrove-like trees along the 'shores' of Kawa Putih
the angkot to Ciwidey was overfull...the body was kneeling against its tires already...and you have to cram yourself inside it I had to wait for another angkot to get a choice seat...a 30 minute additional wait arriving at Ciwidey after 1.5 hours, IDR 15k...nice to stretch a leg dried dates are delicious and cheap in Indonesia...this handful, IDR 5k
the angkot to Kawa Putih was likewise crowded and cramped, 30 mins, IDR 10k arriving at the Kawa Putih main park grounds, entrance IDR 50k. Look for this sign before alighting off the angkot as the driver may stop at the local terminal still far from this spot meeting Mona, the park information officer...she was a great help...thank you Mona the park shuttle, the last ride before the crater, IDR 15k
meeting Jakarta locals in the shuttle arriving at the crater site...finally pre-nup pictorial many information but all in Indonesian
going down the steps into the crater first full glance of the crater....milky whitish green water with strong sulfuric smell panoramic shot sulfur coming out of the was nauseating after a while
almost looks like a beach...some people actually waded the water until knee deep different angle showing the ridge of the crater looking surreal getting the crater in perspective...we were already inside the  crater
meeting Gabriel and her awesome crew who gave me a lift all the way back to Bandung! Thank you Gabriel      

Tangkuban Perahu
Of the 2 volcanoes, this is hands-down, the more popular one. Alas, it's also the most expensive bordering on ambush-pricing - it felt like a gang-bang by everyone who is connected to the tourism of Tangkuban Perahu.

From as far away as Ledeng Bus Terminal in Ledeng, touts already get a sense if you're going to Tangkuban Perahu. I was offered a charter deal at a jaw-dropping IDR 200,000! I walked away. Not trusting anyone, I asked a guy in uniform, "Saya Ingin Tangkuban Perahu" (I want to go to Tangkuban Perahu). He was kind enough to talk to a few people who in turn took me to an angkot (mini bus) for only IDR 20k (40 mins).

Alighting at the park entrance, I was greeted by another transport tout offering to take me inside the park grounds to the crater, just 4kms away, for IDR 75k! After so much haggling, it went down to IDR 25k with me alone.

However, at the gate, the park staff wanted another IDR 200k! I tried to explain to them that what I would do increases tourism for the area so a compli-admission isn't asking too much. They wouldn't budge. I asked to talk to the manager, but was told he wasn't around and that I should pay. I was thinking, "Is this volcano worth blowing my budget? I'd rather use the money for a flight out of Bandung!". Not finding a way around this, I turned back and headed back to my hostel, frustrated as it wasn't easy getting there....long wait for the angkot to fill up, cramped angkot condition, traffic jam, etc. All of that aggravation for nothing?

It turns out, I made the right choice. A day later, I met a couple who went through the same ordeal but paid their way through. He said that at the crater, the 2 other craters were closed and they could only see one more - and of course, they is this guy offering the ride for another IDR 300k! They still took it. Upon arival, they were inundated by vendors telling them their life misfortunes so they would buy their wares. At the end, the lady said Tangkuban Perahu was the single most expensive tour they had. I'm just glad I cut my losses before a hemorrhage.

feeling a little lost in Ledeng bus terninal with touts giving me charter deals for an arm and a leg squeezed myself into a tightly packed angkot for Tangkuban Perahu alighting from the angkot and getting tea at a nearby store now at the park entrance...this is a far as I got
hitching a ride back to Bandung...until an angkot passed by      

Throwing-in the White Towel
After that frustrating stint at Tangkuban Perahu, I was ready to throw-in the white towel on Bandung. Bandung itself has nothing much to offer. There were some suggested animated streets for trendy restaurants and cafe, but the sheer thought of inching through traffic and the series of angkot transfers, long wait, circuitous routes...a lot of time would have been wasted...and you'd be too travel-fatigued to enjoy the place.

I wasn't also enjoying where I was - the place was too isolated. It was just me and Pandu, the staff - no backpacker community for me to interact with. There was no wifi, no wash basin, no decent working table and not even coffee. In fairness though, it was clean and cheap - IDR 85k/night.

Aborting the Road Trip
My original itinerary after Bandung was Yogyakarta. But it's Ramadan season. All trains are already full. The buses are more expensive but because everyone is going back to their hometowns, traffic will even be worse! It might take a record 20 hours by bus from Bandung to Yogyakarta! It was a deal breaker. I would have wanted to see Yogyakarta and the temples of Borobudur and continue heading all the way east to Kawah Ijen to witness the spectacular blue flame and blue lava from a volcanic crater. That will have to be for 'next time'.

Ending Thoughts
I will have to say Bandung was a disappointment. No wonder it's not a well-traveled destination. In fairness though, the couple I met insist they had a great time in Bandung but they had local friends who took them around.

Where to go next? I thought I would have to visit Bali for 'next time' given my travel plans on east Java. But with this change, Bali is now next, specially with Skyscanner giving a great flight deal at ~US$40. Finally, after having read and heard so much about Bali, I can now find out for myself if the hype is real.

--- TheLoneRider

Next stop: Bali, Indonesia

Google Map Bandung, Indonesia

tourist attractions in Bandung tourist attractions
Kawa Putih in Bandung Kawa Putih - aka White Crater, volcano 50 kms south of Bandung with milky greenish white sulfuric waters in its crater lake
  • Tangkuban Perahu in Bandung Tangkuban Perahu - very active volcano with 2015 eruption, 30 kms north of Bandung (expensive!)
  • Jalan Sumatera in Bandung Jalan Sumatera - lively street with trendy restaurants and cafe
  • Jalan Progo in Bandung Jalan Progo - lively street with trendy restaurants and cafe
  • Trans Studio Bandung in Bandung Trans Studio Bandung - indoor theme park for the entire family - rides, theater, play area, etc.
  • Jalan Braga in Bandung Jalan Braga - trendy cafes, boutiques, restaurants...a famous 1920s street for a jalan-jalan (walking around)
  • Patenggang Lake in Bandung Patenggang Lake - 47 kms southwest of Bandung with an elevation of 1600 meters above sea level
bus terminal in Bandung - bus terminal
  • Terminal Leuwi Panjang - terminal for buses coming from Bogor
    Situsaeur, Bojongloa Kidul, Bandung City, West Java, Indonesia
on the bus from Bogor to Bandung looking for my hostel in Bandung with a 22kg load while raining...not pleasant my hostel was hard to find and the owner did not reply on how to get was in one of these sign on the outside Leow Panjang Bus Terminal in Bandung
helping myself to wartek food warungs lined up on the street life is hard...traveling is a privilege flea market with motorcycle guys waiting for passengers
Islam is evident in day-to-day life horse-drawn carriage durian my love....US$0.50/kilo with Pandu, the helpful staff in my hostel

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Bandung Cost Index

backpacker places (US$1 = Indonesian Rupiah IDR 13,265 = Philippines Php 46.51 as of June 24, 2016)
  • IDR 3.2k 1.5 liter drinking water
  • IDR 3k starting price for an angkot ride (mini bus)
  • IDR 100k dorm bed in a hostel
  • IDR 200k entrance for Tangkuban Perahu
  • IDR 65k entrance + shuttle ride for Kawa Putih
  • IDR 10k coffee in a cafe
  • IDR 10k street food meal
  • IDR 15k standard meal in a warket/warung (slightly higher than street level)
Currency Converter

Bandung FYI / Tips

  • there doesn't seem to be a tourist area where backpackers hang-out. Other sites suggest to book your hostel as far from the city center as possible to avoid the mayhem, but in my experience, it could be lonely to find yourself in an isolated hostel with no one to talk to. My suggestion is to book a hostel near an animated street like Jalan Sumatera, Jalan Progo or Jalan Braga
  • know beforehand what angkot you'll need to board, in what direction and how much you have to pay. Your guesthouse staff can help you. Prepare for exact change and pay only when you alight. Don't ask the driver 'how much?'
  • Bandung has a cool mountain climate. It can get cold at nights
  • in Kawa Putih, beware of fruit vendors selling strawberries or blackerries nicely packed in molded see-thru plastic containers. They show you a container with 2 layers but could swap it with another container with a fake lower layer (happened to me). One container of blackberry is IDR 7k.

How to Get to Kawa Putih from Bandung Leow Panjang bus terminal:

  1. go inside the Leow Panjang bus terminal and take an angkot (mini bus) bound for Ciwidey. Ask a guard or vendor (don't ask the touts) saying, "saya ingin Ciwidey" (I want to go to Ciwidey [pronounced chew-wi-day]). There is usually a sign on the angkot but it's not necessarily color-coded. IDR 15k (give exact change upon alighting), 1.5 hours (10:35am to 12:00noon, my trip)
  2. from Ciwidey, take an angkot for Kawa Putih. Ask a guard or vendor (don't ask the touts) saying, "saya ingin Kawa Putih" (I want to go to Kawa Putih). It's usually yellow but may not have the "Kawa Putih" sign, IDR 10k (give exact change), 30 mins. The driver may drop you off at the main town but make sure he goes on and drops you off where you see thissign. You are now at the park entrance.
  3. go inside the park and pay IDR 50,000 entrance fee and IDR 15,000 shuttle fee (return). The shuttle leaves when there are 11 passengers. Ride the shuttle all the way up to the crater, 5 kms, 10 mins.

How to Get to Tangkuban Perahu Volcano from Bandung Leow Panjang bus terminal:

  1. from Leow Panjang bus terminal, take the green angkot to Ledeng (small city north of Bandung, IDR 8k)
  2. at Ledeng ask a uniformed man what angkot to take. The angkot has no destination name tag. You can say, "Saya ingin Tangkuban Perahu" - I am going to Tangkuban Perahu. He will guide you accordingly (IDR 20k, 40 mins). Don't ask the touts...they will offer you a charter for IDR 200k.
  3. get off at the junction for Tangkuban Perahu. From there, you will have to hire a private service van (IDR 25k one-way). He will offer the service for 75k but can lower down to IDR 25k even if you are alone.
  4. a few meters up, you pass the park gate and pay the entrance fee of IDR 200k for foreigner

Things to do, Places to go in Bandung

  1. Kawa Putih - rain-fed volcanic crater with a milky light green hue on its sulfuric water
  2. Tangkuban Perahu - more expensive than Kawa Putih, multiple craters on this volcano complex

Popular Destinations In Java

  • Jakarta Jakarta - big city, capital of Indonesia
  • Bogor Bogor - 80 hectare botanical garden, cool climate
  • Bandung Bandung - visit 2 volcanoes, Tangkuban Perahu and Kawah Putih
  • Tangkuban Perahu Tangkuban Perahu - volcano 30 kms north of Bandung
  • Kawah Putih Kawah Putih - white crater lake, 50 kms south of Bandung
  • Ujung Genteng Ujung Genteng - beach, surfing
  • Pangandaran Pangandaran - beach and surfing
  • The Palace of Yogyakarta Yogyakarta - palace complex of the Sultan of Yogyakarta, Borobudur Temple
  • Malang Malang - 2nd biggest city of Indonesia, cool climate, colonial architecture, grand mansions, volcanoes
  • Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park - national park, 2 active volcanoes
  • Kawah Ijen Kawah Ijen - expansive volcano system, night time blue flame

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Jun 28, 2016

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