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Exploring Bogor, Indonesia Jun 25-27, 2016

Exploring Bogor, Indonesia

GPS waypoint: 6°35'52.5"S 106°47'50.5"E
Location: Bogor City, West Java, Indonesia

Leaving Jakarta
For 3 days I tried to acclimatize, but Jakarta wasn't doing it for me. It didn't make sense to stay longer. There were a few looming destinations, but the closest one was Bogor. It was talked about by a few travelers I met, and it was only 1.5 hours away by a direct train ride. I had it penciled-in.

Arrival Blues
Upon arrival, it took a wait for the #3 green bus (angkot) to arrive, another wait for it to get full, until it took off. Then another transfer to #9. It wasn't easy squeezing all my bags and myself in a tight small bus when passengers' knees are already touching the ones in front of them. In hindsight, I should have just haggled and riden a motorcycle. Any move is always aggravating specially if you're carrying a heavy and bulky backpack.

Exploring Bogor, Indonesia
at the Bogor Botanical Gardens

At $10/night for the cheapest dorm bed, Bogor wasn't exactly backpacker friendly, specially compared to the $3 rates I got from Thailand. But Cendana Mulia Hostel is clean, decent and includes breakfast. It was a long walk or a bus ride to get around from the hostel's location. Normally, I'd be doing hotel deals to defray my cost, but being a weekend, the hotel bosses were not available. This situation means I can't stay in Bogor too long.

Bogor Botanical Gardens
This 80-hectare roundish park is the central hub of Bogor. It's huge measuring roughly 1 square kilometer in the middle of the city. Nearly all public transport ply this roundabout en route to wherever. The highlight of this park for me is the herd of white spotted deer on the grounds of the Presidential Palace. Unfortunately, no one was allowed within the Presidential Palace grounds or the palace, although I could see the herd from its perimeter border. As for interacting with the domesticated deer, I had to go outside the park, along its perimeter fence where vendors sell you carrots to feed the deer. The deers are friendly to people. I could imagine they had been there to reproduce for generations, thus their comfort level with people. IDR 25k/adult

main gate to the Botanical  Gardens entrance to the Botanical  Gardens the Lady Raffles Monument, Olivia Mariamne Raffles, wife of Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles, Lieutenant-Governor of Java  1811-1816 the garden opens up to a pond with a fountain
the pond offers an extended deck the Presidential Palace this is as far I can go to the Presidential Palace massive bamboo trees..umbrella is for perspective
manicured settings the Dutch cemetary a lychee tree, the oldest in the garden, planted in 1823 a herd of deer can be seen outside the Botanical Garden compound...from the street
a fawn...they had been reproducing here for generations deer here are people friendly...they were born and grew up here in the midst of people street vendors selling young carrots as deer feed these deer live a life of leisure...they don't have to hunt for food, they are safe against any predator and they are free to graze in a wide expanse of land

Sights and Interesting Things
I planned on exploring these but didn't get the chance. There is the gong-making place which is just a family business that's been there for generations. Another is the puppet maker of Bogor, Pak Dase (Phone: 0251-838 3758, Handphone: 0813 8303 9282). He specializes in making the traditional Wayang Golek (puppets propped by rod).

Natura Yoga
I stopped by a yoga studio and introduced myself as a yoga practioner and offered to teach a free class. I met Amanda, the studio owner and devoted yogini. We had a conversation touching off on yoga and its community. She was agreeable to have me teach but it dawned on me that I had to leave Bogor already. Sigh! It's one of those things that could have been great but had to be left for 'next time'....should I pass by Bogor again.

Cool Climate
If there is one thing going for Bogor, it's the cool climate. It enjoys a higher elevation than Jakarta which makes it a refreshing destination from Jakarta's hot and muggy climate.

Ending Thoughts
Bogor could have been a good place to chill and relax given its proximity to Jakarta and its cooler climate. But there isn't much compelling to see except for the Botonical Garden. Not helping the situation is the crippling traffic and expensive lodging - min $10 for a dorm bed doesn't motivate me to stay longer. After 2 nights, it was time to move on.

Honestly, this 2-day stay in a place and then moving-on is a little nerve racking and exhausting - the seeming endless process of packing and unpacking, internet research, squeezing myself and my bulky backpack inside cramped mini buses, losing my sense of bearing in a new destination, getting lost, weeding out the touts, spending too much time on a bus, etc. That has been my experience beginning in Cameron Highland, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, and now, Bogor. Travel fatigue is creeping up on me.

I fondly go back to the memories of Penang just 2 weeks back where I stayed for 23 days....23 days of staying put in a beautiful place...connecting to it as I would with an intimate friend. I'm sure such a place exists in Indonesia - just need to find that one gem where lodging and food is cheap, and the place offers much to see and do. As an added perk, if that place has a cool climate, bingo!

--- TheLoneRider

Next stop: Bandung, Indonesia

Bogor, Indonesia

tourist attractions in Bogor tourist attractions
  • Bogor Botanical Gardens Bogor Botanical Gardens
  • Taman Safari Indonesia Taman Safari Indonesia
  • Taman Nasional Gunung Halimun Salak Taman Nasional Gunung Halimun Salak
  • Giritirta Hotspring Giritirta Hotspring

yoga in Bogor yoga
  • Natura Yoga Natura Yoga - hatha vinyasa classes, prenatal, and kids yoga classes
1.5 hour train ride from Jakarta to Bogor this is not even rush hour arriving Bogor Train Station typical street food hawkers
daily life in Bogor the green angkot, the staple means of public transport at the Cendana Mulia Hostel we couldn't understand each other, but I believe they call this siomai and it's awashed in yummy peanut sauce like sate...IDR 5!
at the Botanic Plaza Mall meeting Amanda at her Natura Yoga Studio Bogor traffic lanes beggar on the overpass
many eating places...with benches traffic inching its way...not even rush hour...1:00pm! view from the bridge not sure what it's called but it's yummy...the outside crispy part is barquillos and the inside spongy part is like muffin
kids roller blading at Taman Ekspresi Park close up of Siomai food cart flowers on a park lane short rest in the park

Bogor Cost Index

backpacker places (US$1 = Indonesian Rupiah IDR 13,140 = Philippines Php 47.00 as of July 1, 2016)
  • IDR 120k backpacker dorm bed incl. breakfast at Cendena Mulia Hostel
  • IDR 60k drop-in yoga session at Natura Yoga
  • IDR 4k normal green bus fare
  • IDR 15k train ride from Jakarta to Bogor
  • IDR 25k/adult admission fee to Bogor Botanical Garden
  • IDR 65k bus from Bogor to Bandung
Currency Converter

Bogor FYI / Tips

  • there is no backpacker area in Bogor but it would be good to book a hotel around the perimeter of the Botanical Garden
  • the main hub of Bogor is the square kilometer Bogor Botanical Garden

How to Get to Bogor from Jakarta

  • take a KRL train (red tracks on train posters) in Jakarta bound for Bogor - IDR 15k/pax, 1.5 hours, 90 kms, elevation 300 meters asl
  • from the Bogor train station, you can take any of the green mini bus to take you to your hostel - best to ask your hostel first how to get there using the green bus. Usual fare is IDR 4k

How to Get to Bandung by bus from Bogor

  • in Bogor, take the #09 angkot (green mini bus) to "Terminal", IDR 3.5k. Board the "Bandung" bus and you'll be alighting from the Terminal Leuwi Panjang bus terminal in Bandung, IDR 65k. It's on the south end of the city. Take another angkot to take you to your hostel - best to email your hostel first to get instructions what angkot to take.

Things to do, Places to go in Bogor

  1. Bogor Botanical Gardens -
  2. Sundanese puppets by Pak Dase -
  3. Taman Safari Indonesia Cisarua -
  4. Bogor Palace - summer palace of the president inside the Bogor Botanical Gardens with herds of white-spotted deer
  5. Mount Gede Pangrango National Park -
  6. Pura Parahyangan Agung Taman Sari Gunung Salak -
  7. Taman Nasional Halimun Salak -
  8. Cilember Waterfalls -
  9. Nangka Waterfall -
  10. Ratu Crater Gunung Bunder Bogor -
  11. Giritirta Hot Spring and Spa -

Popular Destinations In Java

  • Jakarta Jakarta - big city, capital of Indonesia
  • Bogor Bogor - 80 hectare botanical garden, cool climate
  • Bandung Bandung - visit 2 volcanoes, Tangkuban Perahu and Kawah Putih
  • Tangkuban Perahu Tangkuban Perahu - volcano 30 kms north of Bandung
  • Kawah Putih Kawah Putih - white crater lake, 50 kms south of Bandung
  • Ujung Genteng Ujung Genteng - beach, surfing
  • Pangandaran Pangandaran - beach and surfing
  • The Palace of Yogyakarta Yogyakarta - palace complex of the Sultan of Yogyakarta, Borobudur Temple
  • Malang Malang - 2nd biggest city of Indonesia, cool climate, colonial architecture, grand mansions, volcanoes
  • Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park - national park, 2 active volcanoes
  • Kawah Ijen Kawah Ijen - expansive volcano system, night time blue flame

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  26. Astrology Talk at The Yoga Barn July 6, 2016
  27. Yoga with Sasha Lang at the Ubud Yoga House July 6, 2016
  28. Ananda Mandala Meditation by Punnu Wasu at The Yoga Barn Jul 4/5, 2016
  29. The Wild Monkeys of the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary July 7, 2016

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Reader Comments:

Tony AnchetaTony Philippines
Greg & Sally Tree Garden Cafe
(Jun 30, 2016) Some work, some don't....walking man walks on

Rose Zen VillejoRose Zen Villejo
(Jun 29, 2016) Wow I love your blogs Sir.

Allen Maitri EnriqueAllen Maitri Enrique
(Jun 28, 2016) I'm teaching here in jakarta!

Lora Frances LorenteLora Frances Lorente
200-RYT | 500-RYT
(Jun 28, 2016) Awww... You found Jakarta too chaotic? Try going to Puncak or Bandung :-) It wasn't as bad back then :-( And yes, it is just like Manila. I only go back there every now and then because my yoga teachers are there and to visit friends.

Jun 25-27, 2016

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