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Manila: Tying up Loose Ends Jan 13-18, 2011

Manila: Tying up Loose Ends

Cebu Pacific Magic
It was a booking too good to pass-off: P192 return with Cebu Pacific. But I had to book it 6 months ahead of time. I was thinking, at that price, even if I can't make the flight for whatever reason, P192 won't hurt too bad. I almost didn't, but luckily for me, fortune turned on a dime and the day before my flight, I was able to make the decision to make the trip.

Personal Stuff
Most of my time was actually eaten up getting my personal stuff shipped to Dumaguete. It was an annoying stone that's finally gone. Perhaps more annoying to Charlene who had to store it in her cramped space for 9 months. Thank you Char. When I was reunited with some of my stuff I haven't seen in years (specially my leather jacket), I was euphoric. Hmmm...if I could also get all my stuff in Baguio, that would consolidate all my stuff in one place - and it can't fit in my backpack anymore...sigh!

I made plans to stay elsewhere...perhaps even put myself for a one-day adoption like I used to do. I'm glad I didn't. Instead, I crashed at my Dag's place where we had ample time to sort things out, bond, and spend quality time we never had in years. Through some web deal, I was able to book a 2-night stay for them in Boracay.

A Money Issue
Dad also gave me some money. Money is always a touchy issue for me. I insisted on accepting it as a loan, but he insisted on gifting it. It came to a point that refusing it further would strain a relationship that's just limping its way out to recovery. Out of affection, I had to accept. Somehow, I'm beginning to be more accepting of people's kindness although it's still difficult...even from people I trust and love the most.

The Need to be Needed
This episode reminds me of something in the past. After a failed relationship, my ex and I got to talk candidly. She said I never gave her the chance to even make me coffee - that my ready answer was, "Thanks, but I'll manage." I wasn't rejecting anyone. I thought I was just being fiercely independent. People want to feel needed and useful to people they care about. I need to give them that 'in'. Ah...the human factor!

Rowie and the Smoked Salmon
I think it was Rowie's power that enabled me to make the trip to Manila so I can smoke salmon on a cedar plank. It's amusing. Rowie, don't kill me for posting this, but it's really funny.

    Rowie to Me:
  • Dec 31, 2010: Happy new year!!! :) I hope to see you soon. With the cedar smoked salmon. Hahaha! Have a great one!
  • Jan 9, 2011: I'm not making parinig or anything (if you believe that, hehe) but I saw a recipe for cedar smoked salmon and thought of you :). Seriously. I'm not hinting or anything. Hahaha!
  • Feb 12, 2011: Hehe, sorry, didn't bring a camera then. Slipped my mind, excited kasi sa salmon :)

Of course we smoked salmon on a cedar plank...with my beloved Vipassana family - Char, Rowie, Jan, Rem, Dex, Mark. We ended the event with a sit on the UP grounds. Thanks for doing the invites, Jan!

Movie Night at Guss' and Teachie's
I was Char's + 1 on this occasion. It was more of a cookout really. Peeps from Guss' philosophy class gather at his place for Thursday night movies. But the major undertaking is really the food preparation. Everyone brings something to prepare. I offered to prepare and cook someone else's chicken. With oil, salt and fresh rosemary to marinate it with...and then charcoal grilled, it was a hit! The movie, a global warming docu prepared by a logistics guy...well, let's just say the food was fab!

Kat and Jen
Definitely one of the highlights of my trip. We met innocently enough at Boroughs in Podium but in the ensuing conversation, the 3 of us got dialed-in. We were talking until 3am. Kindred souls. They don't happen everyday. The headspace? More like neo-hippie. Come to think of it, where have all the hippies gone? Before, you'd spot a hippie from a mile away...long hair, tie-dye shirts, denim pants, looking groovy and far-out! Now, all those trappings are gone. How do you spot one? Talk to them. But do a little scratching to get by the outer veneer. The headspace will give it away.

Ending Thoughts
Manila never ceases to fascinate. I'm not talking about the city. I'm talking about the unforseen turn of events that unfold...always, whenever I make a visit. With just 5 days to play with, it wasn't enough time. I wanted to see some old friends amd hang at some places but didn't get to. But with the people-scape, I did meet new and interesting people and reinforced or even redefined existing relationships. Without people and food, a city is just lifeless glass and cement.

--- TheLoneRider

ps - If you want me to objectively cover the features of your city or municipality or barangay for this website (fiesta, waterfall, mountain trail, lake, river, cave, food, islands, beach, etc.), email me.

Pictures lifted from Mark Pantaleon Cristobal's album, Lagoon Meditators
salmon1 salmon2 salmon3 salmon4
salmon5 salmon6    

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Rowie LucianoRowie Luciano
(Feb 13, 2010) Hahaha! I really am so ridiculous :) Well done, G!! Brilliantly written as always (?^?)?


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