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Exploring Guijo/Kamagong Streets (Makati) Area Feb 17-21, 2016

Exploring Guijo/Kamagong Streets (Makati) Area

Location: Guijo / Kamagong Streets, Makati, Metro-Manila, Philippines

The Frenchman's Offer
Last time I was at Guijo Street was to hang out at I Love You Store, then owned by friend Corinne. That was in 2005, 11 years ago! But after conducting a yoga workshop for a friend a week ago at Guijo St., I met a French guy, Adrien, who offered his guest room, after intimating to everyone I was a nomad. I appreciated the gesture, but didn't have a need for it. But a day later, some twisted fate made it imperative for me to move out of my current digs. Luckily, Adrien's offer was still on the table - and he refused to take my rent money. What a guy!

Exploring the Neighborhood
I stayed 4 days with Adrien and strolled around the neighborhood - big change! What used to be a private and secluded residential area is now a trendy commercial enclave with noteworthy restos, cafes and bake shops. A few mention of the notables:

Trigo Bakery
Location: 9629 Kamagong Street, San Antonio Village, Makati, Philippines
Tel: +639178857446, +6329757466

European bread can be found in this neighborhood with Trigo Bakery serving baguette, ciabatta, rye bread and the likes. It also has a quaint cafe corner for espresso and other caffeine indulgence.

fresh baked bread assorted bread lining up the baking counter by the cafe wall menu

saGuijo Cafe + Bar
Location: 7612 Guijo Street, San Antonio Village, Makati, Philippines
Tel: (02) 897-8629

Saguijo is perhaps the most iconic of all the establishments along Guijo. Long before Guijo became trendy, Saguijo was already there, catering to the indy bohemian types of the day and up til now. They hold live music on weekends and continue to be the community gathering place.

pictures lifted from Saguijo Facebook page
album launch at Saguijo Feb event poster Mark Emmanuel Villamar, first featured photographer and album launch at Saguijo sound stage that launched many a career

Location: 7635 Guijo Street, San Antonio Village, Makati, Philippines
Tel: +63 917 663 1011

Restock is a newer art gallery/cafe concept, with a constant interior makeover. Vinyl records are played on Ortofon cartridges for that nouveau/retro atmosphere. Barista and servers seem to have university pedigrees. The word is laid-back chill.

70 portraits by Elyoo female barristas at work laid-back chill vinyl played on Ortofon cartridge for high fidelity

Location: 7635 Guijo Street, San Antonio Village, Makati, Philippines
Tel: +63 915 663 2823

Char-grilled salmon kushiyaki, sake night and expat galore. Pricey, but no bad seat as you find Manila's fab people here. Celebrities find their way in this neatly tucked-in neighborhood secret. The energy comes alive when the sun goes down.

pictures lifted from 12/10 Facebook page
nut day everybody happy at 12/10  salmon kushiyaki charcoal grilling mackerel indulgence

Satinka Naturals
Location: 1137 Kamagong St, San Antonio Village, Makati, Philippines
Tel: 0917.326.8607 / 0927.7619.799

Satinka Naturals is a trendy showcase of the Kalinga culture from up North. It's a refreshing attempt to focus on the other side of Kalinga, transcending the stereotype. They celebrate Kalinga cuisine, tattoo art, wellness and handicrafts. Satinka, the owner, is hands-on with the place which gives it a friendly urban slant.

fine appointments Kalinga culture on display wellness merchandise just getting curious

Patisserie BEBE Rouge
Location: 7602 Sacred Heart St, San Antonio Village, Makati, Philippines
Tel: 02-897-7207 / 091-756-07298

Patisserie BEBE Rouge is pretty in pink! Cinderella comes alive in this fairytale looking patisserie where you get croissant, pan au chocolat and other Japanese / French fusion pastry. Drinks, beverages and meals are also served.

Snow White meets Cinderella wide selection of artisan bread table for the sweet tooth pasta, cake specials for the day

Lingering Thoughts
It's exciting what's happening now in Guijo Street. The high-tier gentrification is upping the game for everyone. It's become a chique address and a fashionable destination. With my departure, I don't know how many years again until I come back, but confidence is high I haven't seen the best of Guijo yet.

--- TheLoneRider

Guijo / Kamagong Area Establishments

location markers

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Reader Comments:

(Feb 24, 2016) Thanks for the feature! :)))))

Pascale WettsteinPascale Wettstein
(Feb 24, 2016) I was just there exploring your old street a few nights ago, it's very vibrant! Won't make it for café mon ami but next time I hope!

Feb 17-21, 2016

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Trigo Bakery and Cafe

Serye cafe resto

Black Kings Bar music bar


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Serye cafe resto
Cafe | Resto
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Trigo Bakery, Guijo Street, Makati
Trigo Bakery
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Black Kings Bar music bar
Black Kings Bar
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