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traveling thoughts

Manila Dec 7-14 Coffee Anyone?Dec 7-14, 2011

Manila Dec 7-14 Coffee Anyone?

Coffee Anyone?
When I had a conversation with a fellow blogger/traveller, Journeying James, he said he announces his next destination and consequently gets to meet some of his blog readers. He gets invites and given local tips. Cool! So this particular travel, I posted in Facebook, "Manila Dec 7-14 Coffee Anyone?". I was pleasantly surprised at the result - mostly from people I didn't expect. I like that. It was safe for them (because I offered the invite) and it's safe for me (no rejection and I'm not putting anyone on the spot). That was the beginning of a routine I would employ henceforth. Thank you James!

Except for the UP Mountaineers event, Elvis, starring rock and roll icon, Lee Almighty, I had nothing else planned out, but kept all my options open. Elvis, by the way, was fab! First time I threw myself in a mosh retro grunge! Lee was electrifying on stage, but Wild Thing was done too early in the concert when it should be the climactic wrap-up...came across like premature ejaculation - c'est la vie. Pepe Smith was there and I saw him literally kick a guy off the stage telling the dude, "'wag mong takpan ang beauty ko...tsupain kita dyan, makita mo!" Yeah, you don't mess around with Da Man. Great to see Alex of Maniac Kiss and all that cool vibe he exudes.

Manila wasn't really a destination - more like a stopover since CEB flights out of Dumaguete are only to Manila (and Cebu). But there's much to do there, so I usually stay a week before moving on. One thing happened after another - a high school reunion, coffee with friends, hanging out with my Dad, Freedom Bar, Cubao Expo. A sad discovery was to learn my 2 fav holes closed down - Backdoor Blues Cafe and Mogwai....sigh!!! I thought I'd check out The Collective, a Makati-based Mogwai-vibe, but that didn't pan out.

Picture Narrative
I get amused when I browse my past pictures of Manila visits. It's a revolving mosaic of people coming in and out of my orbit...and me into theirs. It's good to appreciate the moments when they happen - chances are, they may not happen again. Being nomadic and open to whatever unfolds, I've gotten better at appreciating looming possibilities as I am in letting go. It's bitter-sweet but I can't have it any other way - the open road beckons for constant change.

Next Stop
The week quickly came to its end and it was time for me to pack for my next stop. I would be a guest of long time friend 'Outback Greg' Hutchinson. I don't know what he's lined up for me or how long I stay there, but this would be my third visit and I have to say it still packs excitement.

Next destination: Busuanga, Palawan

--- TheLoneRider

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Facebook Users
Journeying JamesJourneying James
(Feb 16, 2012) ...hope to see u in Dumaguete!
AnnaAnna Philippines
(Feb 2, 2012) Fun! See you again soon Gigit!
(Feb 2, 2012) can't wait to see you March!!! =)


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