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Stepping Forward / Reaching Out people

Stepping Forward / Reaching Out

(Oct 31, 2021) With tourism down, Chiang Mai's peoplescape fairly remained constant - not too many tourists and the remaining faces becoming more familiar. I lost 2 of my good friends and thought I lost a best friend. As if that wasn't bad enough, I was savagely attacked online by an angry mob over fabricated allegations that was manipulated by a vindictive group admin.....more »»

Cancel Culture Attack lucid

Cancel Culture Attack

(Oct 31, 2021) These are crazy times and a neo-McCarthyism called Cancel Culture is warping the US social landscape and finding it's way across the oceans and into Thailand. But what exactly is the Cancel Culture?....more »»

Mantra Primer meditation

Mantra Primer

(Oct 20, 2021) Mantra is a sacred sound. It is not defined by words to describe it. Its vibrational frequency is its own meaning. Mantra is an evocative sound and have subtle, yet powerful and penetrating effects on the mind and body, reaching every fibre of one's being....more »»

Movie Review: No Time to Die movies

Movie Review: No Time to Die

(Oct 11, 2021) This is a fitting farewell to the aging Daniel Craig's James Bond role - gritty, action-packed, unapologetic and rough hewn. This time however, the element of heart-wrenching romance is played out - a far departure from his unattached one night stands.....more »»

Movie Review: Black Widow (2021) movies

Movie Review: Black Widow (2021)

(Oct 10, 2021) Even though it's a Marvel high-action adventure movie, enough time was devoted to the human factor - one of family, human connection and not being alone. Although there were still some token kiddie/stupid segments, it was mostly serious human drama and high octane action.....more »»

Movie Review: Suicide Squad (2021) movies

Movie Review: Suicide Squad (2021)

(Oct 8, 2021) This movie is a DC franchise superhero flick featuring an odd crew consisting of a lethal polka dot guy battling a giant alien starfish with a big middle eye. But it all works out to an engaging action adventure fantasy.....more »»

Spinal Mobility yoga

Spinal Mobility

(Oct 7, 2021) We are only as young as our spine is flexible. A yoga class with choc-full of forward bends, side bends, back bends and twists.....more »»

Swedish Cinnamon Rolls [Kanelbullar] recipes

Swedish Cinnamon Rolls [Kanelbullar]

(Oct 4, 2021) My first dabble in cinnamon rolls was in New York when someone gave me a Cinnabon - a multi-national chain selling the very popular cinnamon rolls. Like stollen bread, it was epiphany - love at first bite. Somehow, none of the subsequent cinnamon rolls I've tasted compared to Cinnabon. That was my benchmark. Now, since I'd been on a baking roll here at my digs at Nawa Saraan in Chiang Mai where I have a fully functioning bakery at my disposal, I'm rolling up my sleeve to sink my teeth into that Swedish tradition, Kannelbullar, or cinnamon rolls.....more »»

Just Bring 2 Chinese verbatim

Just Bring 2 Chinese

(Oct 3, 2021) You have to see this video by US Senator Graham Allison about the way things are done in China, to fully appreciate this remar, 'just bring 2 Chinese'....more »»

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