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IELTS Speaking, Part 1 teaching

IELTS Speaking, Part 1

(Jun 21, 2021) When I stayed in Mae Sot a year ago, I bartered with the owner of Sleepy Nest Hostel to teach English to his hotel staff in exchange for lodging. Now, I recently got a call from him asking if I can tutor him for his forthcoming IELTS exam.....more »»

Manifesting: Epicurus' Pursuit lucid

Manifesting: Epicurus' Pursuit

(Jul 31, 2021) With my continuing Covid-19 visa extension in Thailand, my continuing stay at Nawa Saraan Hotel with all its amenities, I am able to host Pizza Nites with friends, do Slack Lining, chill on a hammock and even dip into an ice bath with friends. I realized I'm living the life of a Greek philosopher, Epicurus, who once remarked that being with friends is one of the requisites to happiness.....more »»

Homemade Rum Raisin Ice Cream recipes

Homemade Rum Raisin Ice Cream

(Jul 30, 2021) Lately, I had been contemplating about Rum Raisin ice cream - my favorite. I already found a few specialty ice cream shops selling them - but for an arm-and-leg, starting around Baht 40/scoop. For that kind of money, I'd rather get me a Khao Soi meal. But my nice next-door neighbor handed me their new old-fashioned ice cream maker. Whoa!!!....more »»

Ice Bath at Nawa Saraan Healing Space chill

Ice Bath at Nawa Saraan Healing Space

(Jul 25, 2021) There was a big and idle blue drum at the hotel, and Alan suggested I do my own ice bath with it. The idea fermented. I cleaned up the drum and ordered 2 sacks of ice. I was testing the system but the neighbors joined in and so did some friends from yoga. The scene resembled a party.....more »»

Pizza Nite + Slack Line + Hammock food Pizza

Pizza Nite + Slack Line + Hammock

(Jul 23, 2021) When Monika offered to give me a free Thai massage as part of her training, I could only say Thank You by way of Pizza Nite. When Nanthi wanted to go Slack Lining, I said bring your Pizza ingredients as well. Christine and I already planned on this tentatively. Yuki was a new acquaintance whose reserved Japanese demeanor was eye catching. The rest is Pizza Nite III.....more »»

Yin-Yoga & Hypnosis with Christine Thiel yoga

Yin-Yoga & Hypnosis with Christine Thiel

(Jul 20, 2021) Traditional yoga has been paired with many other activities ranging from the questionable (SUP Yoga), ridiculous (Beer Yoga), lofty (Aerial Yoga), intense (Hot Yoga), and bare (Naked Yoga). Now comes another one - Hypnosis Yoga. How does it measure up?....more »»

Pizza Nite with James and Nat food Pizza

Pizza Nite with James and Nat

(Jul 19, 2021) When friends were invited to Pizza Nite, they said it was 'complicated' bringing in everything they need to make a pizza. But two daring souls unflinchingly stepped-up to the plate. Let's see what pizza magic they have!....more »»

Moving and Cashing-Out Bitcoin learning

Moving and Cashing-Out Bitcoin

(Jun 2 - Jul 11, 2021) Now that you have a Bitcoin Wallet with some Bitcoin in it, how do you move it around the system? Your're not cashing out yet - you're just moving it within the system.....more »»

'The Bow' Yoga yoga

'The Bow' Yoga

(Jul 7, 2021) By its very name, Hatha Yoga is a duality of male/female, sun/moon, fight/restoration, sympathetic nervous system/para-sympathetic nervous system, etc. How can we leverage from this concept to regain control of our response to stress, tension and recovery? more »»

Movie Review: A Quiet Place Part II movies

Movie Review: A Quiet Place Part II

(Jul 5, 2021) This sequel gives a recap to the first movie, A Quiet Place, which makes the whole movie understandable if you haven't seen the first one. If I were to put this into a genre, I would coin it, a Shocker movie. It's not exactly horror, suspense, or thriller, but it makes you jump up for fast surprises coupled with thundering eardrum shattering soundtrack. Although formulaic, it was still a clever movie in the end.....more »»

Yoga Classes with Calum yoga

Yoga Classes with Calum

(Mar 27 - Jul 4, 2021) Calum didn't appreciate the competitive nature he felt in the yoga studios he's been to. Thus the one-on-one classes. I already forgot what we talked about in our initial meeting at the Tuesday Vegan Dinners, but I guess I talked about yoga and perhaps he liked what he heard.....more »»

Hike to Wat Pa Thammachat Waterfall mtn

Hike to Wat Pa Thammachat Waterfall

(Jul 2, 2021) It was still a 2km hike through the brushy forest to reach the waterfall. The trail was sketchy, sometimes disappearing. Finally, there it was - waterfall, plunge pool and even a rocky outcropping where you can sit as the water come down on you. It was a perfect meditation spot!....more »»

Pizza Brunch with the Yogis Pizza

Pizza Brunch with the Yogis

(July 1, 2021) It's been ages since my last pizza nite....waaay back from a previous life in Toronto. Now that I live in a boutique hotel with full-on functional bakery including 2 industrial-strength ovens, pizza has been my staple meal. But then it hit me, why not another pizza nite?....more »»

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