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Big John: The Life Story of John Gokongwei Jr. Peoplescape Book Review

Big John: The Life Story of John Gokongwei Jr.

(Jan 24, 2021) I've always wondered how the Chinese of the Philippines have taken a huge leap in one generation - from racially marginalized minority, to economic juggernauts with a stranglehold of the country's GDP. With John Gokongwei's autobiographical book, I finally got a glimpse of how they've done it.....more »»

Heartbreak in every Song verbatim Peoplescape

Heartbreak in every Song

(Jan 24, 2021) Talking about love life, I was telling NOK that as you age, you get more selective about having a partner and falling in love becomes fleeting and happens far in between. I didn't expect the retort she gave me.....more »»

Brahmaguha (forehead chakra) yoga chakra

Brahmaguha (forehead chakra)

(Jan 23, 2021) The initiate acquires the power to change one's own destiny, to greatness beyond description. This procedure cannot be explained - it can only be learned through experience...more »»

Sahasrara (crown chakra) yoga chakra

Sahasrara (crown chakra)

(Jan 20, 2021) There are many paths from the Muladhara (root chakra) to the Ajna (third eye chakra). But from Ajna to Sahasrara, there is no path. But once bridged, one becomes ecstatic about life requiring no reason whatsoever.....more »»

Nada Meditation (perceiving the Inner Sound) meditation

Nada Meditation (perceiving the Inner Sound)

(Jan 17, 2021) Within our being are different levels of vibration and sublety, all generating different sounds. They are always present but we don't perceive them because the monkey mind is too distracted by the outside world. Nada Meditation enables us to close the doors so we can hear the inner sound within.....more »»

Bindu (moon center chakra) yoga chakra

Bindu (moon center chakra)

(Jan 13, 2021) The nectar of immortality or the fountain of youth, the amrita, is produced in the Bindu Chakra. Activating the Bindu Chakra also activates the pineal gland which is responsible for clairvoyance and heightened mental states. Bindu is also the seat of the psychic sound, Nada. Although obscure, the Bindu plays an important role in spiritual development.....more »»

The Silent Killer is Baaack! sliceoflife

The Silent Killer is Baaack!

(Jan 12, 2021) Three years ago, after landing on my face from a 22-foot cliff dive to the ocean, I suffered from vertigo - a sensation where everything around me was spinning. I recovered, but my doctor warned me that it may come back. It just did!....more »»

Learning the Thai Language learning

Learning the Thai Language

(Jan 9, 2021) I love Thailand and I'd been here for over 2 years now. I've always talked about learning the local language but always put it aside. There is no excuse. Now that 2021 has started, I'm attempting to learn it one more time through online materials - pdf, video, translators, etc. Maybe I can make feeble attempts at actual conversation with Thai people. I'll give this an honest 1 hour/day effort. Let's see where it takes me.....more »»

Too Many Gurus lucid

Too Many Gurus

(Jan 8, 2021) In this day and age of the woke-Zeitgeist, every Tom, Dick and Harry who learned how to do a Downward Dog has become a self-styled guru who'll dissertate their thoughts on consciousness, enlightenment and awareness at the drop of a hat.....more »»

Movie Review: Soul (2020) movies

Movie Review: Soul (2020)

(Jan 6, 2021) With clean animation worthy of a Pixar film, this movie is a feel-good narrative of a musician torn between security and passion. It's a journey into the meaning of life - what makes life worth living?....more »»

Visiting Aida and Sofie in Pai traveling

Visiting Aida and Sofie in Pai

(Jan 3-5, 2021) I love Chiang Mai. But when Ashtanga yoga teacher, Aida and her daughter Sofie, invited me to Pai for a New Year break, it felt like a refreshing break from my routine. It would be great to see 'Madonna and Child' one more time and see how they're doing.....more »»

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