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Banh Canh Cua Obsession food

Banh Canh Cua Obsession

(Apr 23-30, 2019) HCMC has many culinary offerings. Some are globally known - Pho and Banh Mi. But somehow, I am drawn to a lesser known dish that I could hardly find anywhere else in Vietnam - Banh Canh Cua, a crab-based thick noodle soup similar to the French Bouillabaise....more »»

Ho Chi Minh City on a Visa Run traveling

Ho Chi Minh City on a Visa Run

(Apr 23-30, 2019) After staying 90 days in Chiang Mai, I had to leave Thailand and do a visa-run. Where? The cheapest way out was Ho Chi Minh City. I'm just too glad that I also love being in this city. After being there Aug 7-27, 2018, I'll be seeing it again for the 4th time.....more »»

Bruschetta: Nawa Saraan Style recipes

Bruschetta: Nawa Saraan Style

(Apr 22, 2019) Bruschetta is a long held Italian tradition - plum tomatoes, olive oil, basil, garlic and baguette. But here at the Nawa Saraan kitchen, things are done with a little flair for innovation....more »»

Thai Cooking at Pra Nang Thai Cookery School food

Thai Cooking at Pra Nang Thai Cookery School

(Apr 20, 2019) One of the touristy offerings of Thailand is to learn Thai cooking. Many cooking schools offer a hands-on experience in preparing Thailand's staple dishes - pad thai, khao soi and tom yum soup. I tried the Pra Nang Thai Cookery School to see how I could surprise friends with authentic Khao Soi....more »»

Movie Review: Hellboy (2019) movies

Movie Review: Hellboy (2019)

(Apr 15, 2019 ) Hellboy lives up to its expectation - hellish gore, body dismemberment and all the blood to drench you red. The CGI animation has an innovative appeal to its approach that you notice the movie-making behind the movie.....more »»

Bonding with the Elephants in Chiang Mai traveling

Bonding with the Elephants in Chiang Mai

(Apr 11, 2019) Riding elephants, because of the cruelty in training them, has been taboo in the tourism trade. This time, elephant tours consist of feeding, bathing and petting the elephants which were claimed to be rescued from shows and labor camps. I tried one of them.....more »»

Movie Review: Shazam! (2019) movies

Movie Review: Shazam! (2019)

(Apr 4, 2019) Shazam is an entertaining light-hearted kiddie movie about a boy transformed into an adult superhero. It was a challenge how the adult Shazam can be credible acting like a 15 year old trapped in an adult's body. Not since "Big" by Tom Hanks has this stunt been pulled off.....more »»

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