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Keeping It Simple Mar 18, 2017

Keeping It Simple

LIfe is Simple
Life is inherently simple. This has been expressed countless number of times by wise men, cited in ancient scriptures and even life itself validates its own simplicity. But people have this tendency to complicate it.

Take religion for instance. You can wrap religion, ethics and spirituality with what Confucius said during his time:

  1. do unto others what you want others to do unto you. And corollarily,
  2. don't do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you
That's it! 2 very simple sentences, that when followed, complies to an ethical, religious and spiritual life - no deity, no rites, no rituals, no priests, rabbis or guru, no bloody Crusade in the name of God, no burning at the stake, no flying an airplane into a building in the name of Allah, no evolution vs creation debate...I'm sure you can fill-in the rest. This universal saying transcends language, culture, tradition, creed, race and religion.

Of course, people who make a living out of religion or people who use religion as pretext to further their hidden agenda don't want you to know that. They complicate things for you and present themselves as key to your salvation.

We have past, present and future. Of the three, the only one we can work with is the present. We cannot undo the past because it already happened. We cannot work on the future because it hasn't happened and because no one really knows what the future holds. But almost always, we are caught up about painful things in the past that keep encroaching into our here-and-now. We play that painful scene over and over again in our wild imaginings knowing fully well we cannot reverse what happened. If not dwelling in the past, people worry about the future. Will they have enough money when they retire? Who will take care of them when they get old? How will their loved ones fare if something happens to them?

Just stay present - taste the food inside your mouth, listen to the person talking to you (instead of giving the nod without really paying attention) and be vigilant about where your thoughts are going. Enjoy the moment.

Relationships happen because it serves a purpose for both parties - even if they don't know what that purpose is. Often, the purpose is abstract - that's why you have dysfunctional relationships. When that purpose has been served, it triggers the need to move on, regardless if the other party's purpose has been met or not. The one left holding the bag is usually devastated - yes, life is tough.

What's my point? I'm saying that relationships have a finite shelf life - like milk. No matter how good it gets, it's not forever. But people who are too blissed-out want this euphoric feeling (widely regarded as love) to last forever - that's why they get married, deluding themselves somehow that marriage will make the euphoria and the relationship permanent - the happily-ever-after delusion. Of course, people marry for other reasons too.

Am I being a cynic? No, just a realist. What has this got to do with the simplicity of life? Well, if you enter a relationship realistically resigned to the fact that it's not forever, that at some point, someone will move on, then you simplify the equation - you don't start building castles in thin air.

You can look at this either way - the glass is half-full or half-empty. Half-empty is because you might think what's the whole point if it's bound to fail? Half-full because you are gifted a magical moment to soak yourself into pure bliss while it lasts. Choose your wild!

People like to hoard things they want which they mistake for need. I call it the burden of ownership. They buy land. Now, they worry about squatters and fence the whole area, feeling the entire time they now have another property to protect. Or, they go into business and now stuck in the business fearing their employees will steal if they're not around. Of course it's a different story if you need it for sustainance. They buy wardrobe to fill-up 2 closets and after, can't decide which one to wear. They need a credit card, but keeps 3 cards. The more you own, the more you have to worry. If you own nothing, then there is nothing to stress about.

Ending Thoughts
I can practically go on indefinitely but I think you get my drift. I used to think religion was essential until I discovered the divinity that resides in each and everyone of us. That simplified the whole process for me. I used to have a car and a house full of things. Now, I only own what fits into my backpack as I travel the open road with no home and no permanent address. I can't say enough how liberating it is. It's a kind of liberation very few people have experienced. As I lead a life of nomadic mobility, I meet fellow travelers I get close to. We celebrate life knowing fully well we only have a 48-hour shelf live. No one talks about forever - we just enjoy the magical moment while it lasts. Life is simple. If it's complicated, then that's your Red Flag that something is wrong somewhere.

By keeping life simple, my options are all exercisable. I don't have anything to worry about and I have no stress. I can turn my life on a dime. I can drop what bores me and pursue my excitement. I am not beholden to anyone, my politics are mine and I can say No to anyone. I go where I want to go, be what I want to be and do what I want to do. Simplicity is golden.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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