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Movie Review: The Favourite (2018) movies

Movie Review: The Favourite (2018)

(Feb 25, 2019) The Favourite is a period film in the early 18th century England about 2 devious females in fierce competition with each other in winning Queen Anne's affection and favour.....more »»

Curing Cancer with Yoga? yoga

Curing Cancer with Yoga?

(Feb 21, 2019) A lady who once did yoga with me approached me again for a series of daily private one-on-one practice during her entire stay in Chiang Mai. Apparently, she liked my yogic philosophy and approach entailing asanas, calisthenics, pranayama, meditation and Thai massage. But in our conversation, she also intimated that she has cancer and was hoping that my brand of yoga would supplement her treatment. I lost my Mom from that same cancer she's afflicted with. Hearing that changed my game plan...more »»

Movie Review: Alita Battle Angel movies

Movie Review: Alita Battle Angel

(Feb 19, 2019) Movie-making benchmark has been upped a notch with Alita Battle Angel. All the elements that go into a classic and memorable movie are etched into this compelling 125-min action sci-fi that bridges man and machine.....more »»

International Training Massage School (ITM): LEVEL I: Foundation of Thai Massage massage

International Training Massage School (ITM): Level 1

(Feb 11-15, 2019) Thai Massage is world-famous and there's no better place to learn it than at Chiang Mai's most prestigious massage center, the International Training Massage School. This is my first day to earning my Level 1 Certification Course in Thai Massage. 30 hours altogether. Time to roll up my sleeves.....more »»

Sandesch Album Launch by Christoph Joerg chill

Sandesch Album Launch by Christoph Joerg

(Feb 13, 2019) Yoga teacher Christoph Joerg invited me to Sandesch, his album launch at Heart Space. I didn't really know Chris was also a singer. Whoa! I didn't know what to expect, but I went, curious. It would be my first time at Heart Space.....more »»

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