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Oct 10, 2013

Branding and Marketing the Compostela Valley Coastline

Branding and Marketing the Compostela Valley Coastline

Location: Coastal Strip of Compostela Valley from Pindasan to Pantukan

Branding and Marketing
The thing I kept hearing from the resorts lined up along the coastline of Compostela Valley is that they have good beach resorts with first rate amenities, but they remain largely ignored by the vacationing public from Davao and Tagum, who pass along the Compostela Valley coastline on their way to the beaches of Davao Oriental that are still 3 hours away. The way I see it, given that the infrastructures are already in place, all it needed was branding and a marketing campaign increasing public awareness that the resorts of Compostela Valley are an acceptable alternative, not to mention they'll be arriving 3 hours sooner. I was challenged by the situation. This involves more than just developing a website for a business but developing a strategic thinking using the internet for tactical implementation.

ComVal Coast Branding
Boracay is a brand for beaches. Coron is a brand for wreck-diving. Cagayan de Oro is a brand for white water rafting. Compostela Valley? What comes to mind is Typhoon Pablo. We have to change it. Why don't we coin the name, "ComVal Coast"? That seems like a descriptive brand for the beach resorts lined up along the coastal strip of Compostela Valley. The keywords talk about the place and what it offers - intuitive and catchy.

ComVal Coast Marketing
This is perhaps where my websites come in. Instead of developing an entire province or city for everything it offers, why not develop a travel portal focused on one industry - the beach resorts! So it won't talk about the waterfalls or caves or the urban experience. Get all the major beach resorts represented as a collective and showcase whatever they have to offer. While homogenous, they still have unique offerings. For original content, why not experience these resorts by staying a few days and trying out all their facilities? And as a vertical integration, talk about them on a blog and link them to the ComVal Coast travel portal? With proper search engine optimization, flow-through traffic within the portal and one-way links through the blogs, the word is out! Using Google Analytics, we can get empirical numbers to gauge the portal's performance.

Ending Thoughts
This is an ambitious undertaking - single-handedly developing a branding initiative and a marketing campaign for an entire strip of coastline to benefit an array of beach resorts. But the challenge and opportunity presented itself and more importantly, this puts my mettle to the test on how my web machinery can influence public opinion. There may not be money here, but like I always say, it's not about the money. Take on the challenge and pursue perfection with whatever business model works. The money inevitably follows anyway. And if it does not? So what! Pursuing perfection is its own reward. Think about it. How many people are given the luxury to have a carte blanch option in pursuing a business model they can tweak in any way, shape or form to give them that gratifying sense of accomplishment? The highly-paid CEO? I don't think so - he's probably pressured by the board to please the shareholders. Besides, he's probably cruising thinking he's got his golden parachute. The security guard standing up on a mall entrance the whole day? Very few are given this privilege - priceless!

--- TheLoneRider

ps - If you want me to objectively cover the features of your city or municipality or barangay for this website (fiesta, waterfall, mountain trail, lake, river, cave, food, islands, beach, etc.), email me.

beach_view jienos_resort magnaga_waters seaworld_oasis

How to get to ComVal Coast from Davao

  • Bus - from Davao Ecoland bus terminal, take a bus going to Mati. An hour after Tagum, beginning at Pindasan ending up at Pantukan is the stretch of the ComVal Coast. Less than P185/pax, aircon, 3 hours

  • Private Vehicle - take the highway south towards Mati. When you reach Tagum, at the main intersection, (landmark: Jollibee), turn right heading to Mati. After 20 minutes from Tagum, you'll be in Pindasanstrong>Pantukan Poblacion

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Oct 10, 2013

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