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Beach Bumming at Eden Resort, Santander, Cebu Sep 3-6, 2012

Beach Bumming at Eden Resort, Santander, Cebu

Eden Resort Deja Vu
After a fateful meeting in Cebu City with Mario Pascobello, owner of a dive shop and homestay in Apo Island, I got primed to pay him a visit in Apo and do some diving myself - perhaps even complete my Advance Dive Course (deep dive, drift dive, night dive, navigation dive). Shortly before leaving Cebu City, he texted that the waters were choppy with poor visibility - Habagat wind. Hmmm. What to do? I still had to go to Dumaguete to conduct a training seminar. En route, I would pass by a luxurious resort in Santander, Eden Resort. I've already been there twice, once alone and the following time with my Dad. The place is simply gorgeous! Now, I have another excuse to spend a couple nights.

Life on Easy Street
Jan-Jan, a co-owner, wasn't there but the staff headed by Clyde was helpful and friendly. For 2 days, I just stayed in my lavish room - personal veranda overlooking the Tañon Strait, split-level aircon, Queen-size bed, fridge, the works. It was a good 2 days doing web work, yoga, eating to my heart's delight their hearty inclusive breakfast, swimming in their infinity pool, snorkelling in their beachfront coral reef, and chilling out in my veranda appreciating the view of Dumaguete from the other side. I felt like a pig groomed for fattening. Life is not bad. Next stop? Dumaguete!

Ending Thoughts
Eden Resort was really the resort that got me started into a new twist in my nomadic-homeless lifestyle. One thing progressed into the next level, and now, I'm totally homeless and drifting from one hotel to the next resort. It's amazing how a little shift in thinking resulted in a day-and-night turn-around. I'm not doing anything new with my work. I just shifted my thinking from poor-house guerilla mentality to abundance. From staying in holes-in-wall lodging places at P150/night (common washroom, clogged drains, fan room, etc.), I now stay in luxurious accommodation in plush hotels and high-brow resorts. I really appreciate the power of the mind now, more than ever. It can be a powerful ally that can catapult you to dizzying heights, but if you don't know what you're thinking, it could be your worst enemy.

Of course, none of this would be a reality without forward-thinking business owners who appreciate the power of the internet and are quick to see value in what I'm putting on the table. Fortunately, the country is on its way into being web-centric. At some point, it will be the norm. But in the meantime, these quick-thinking enterpreneurs are ahead of the game while others catch up.

--- TheLoneRider

disclosure - Eden Resort is a client, but this blog is not to pay lip-service - I never do that.

Eden Beach Resort, Sibulan, Negros Oriental, Philippines
Location:Lilo-an, Santander, Cebu Island, Philippines 6026
Land Line:+63(32)480.9321

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