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Ring of Fire Ceramics Festival Sep 21, 2009

Ring of Fire - First Southeast Asian Ceramics Festival
Venue: Ayala Museum
Organizer: Hadrian Mendoza

Potter Community
Even though I never got the chance to learn pottery despite a few attempts, I never lost my appreciation for the discipline nor the sense of community potters enjoy. In the Philippines, they belong to a small and intimate community - they all know each other. During gatherings, they're into their own private universe. There's that special connection with mother earth when creating form with bare hands using clay.

Southeast Asia's Finest
I was fortunate to get an invite for this event at the Ayala Museum. It was a showcase of stunning works from southeast asia's foremost names in pottery and ceramic art. Artists from Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Vietnam and Thailand were there to grace the event with their traditional, cultural and modern masterpieces.

A Whole Gamut
Edru, with Contragapi, provided live music using ethnic instruments. Aristocrat heralded their culinary institute by catering the event with hors-d'œuvre reminiscent of the finest hotels. Lastly, it was surprising to bump into familiar faces I didn't expect to see. Like I always say, great art, awesome music, superb food, wine and a chill crowd...I can do this everyday!

--- TheLoneRider

Metro Manila Blogs by TheLoneRider

Sep 21, 2009

(Sep 30, 2009) You're not the only one with an odd sense of humour. LOL !

(Sep 30, 2009) Well...we're not along the Ring of Fire here so this would be in reference to firing the ceramics no doubt. The other connotation here is one having to do with what often happens to folks when they eat spicy food. So, I just got this immediate impression how here it would end of up being a contemporary arts festival slash cookout food fest thing. Something decidedly less prestigious than the showcase you've referenced. Its tough for me to explain why that's so funny to me. It's just...I've an odd sense of humour.
"ha-ha !!!!" -- TheLoneRider

(Sep 29, 2009) My apologies, but when I saw this I burst out laughing. It makes total sense there. Here (Canada), however, its exactly the sort of name one would coin if they were really trying to be painfully cheeky.
"Hey have to explain that one...I don't get it...and people around me don't have a clue too...maybe a cultural thing." -- TheLoneRider

Hadrian Mendoza
(Sep 29, 2009) thanks so much for attending the event, for it could not have been a success without you. to the future of southeast asian pottery!

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Trigo Bakery and Cafe

Serye cafe resto

Black Kings Bar music bar


Original Paintings for Sale

Reflection by Virginia Ty-Navarro
Virginia Ty-Navarro

Ilog by Panes

Flower Woman by Remy Boquiren
Flower Woman
Remy Boquiren


Coffee | Food

Serye cafe resto
Cafe | Resto
Quezon Memorial Circle

Trigo Bakery, Guijo Street, Makati
Trigo Bakery
9629 Kamagong
San Antonio Village

Music Bars

Black Kings Bar music bar
Black Kings Bar
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107 West Ave., QC

Hadrian Mendoza