Ring of Fire Ceramics Festival: Sep 21, 2009 / P9210137
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...work by Julie Lluch.

It didn't say, but this is unmistakably a vagina...yes, the most esoteric of all female anatomy. It comes in various shapes, sizes, and hue, each with its own distinctive personality and charm. It's perfect in its own natural form given its asymmetrical layering of the minores and the majores.

What's my point in all this? I recently stumbled upon an alarming trend where purveyors of cosmetic surgery are actually marketing an utterly stupid buzz - Labiaplasty. It maintains that the vagina in its natural form is flawed...that the ideal vagina should be symmetrical, with labia trimmed the way pubic hairs are trimmed - to a minimum. I've seen after-surgery pictures, and they are the worst form of abomination I've ever laid my eyes on...appallingly, these medical practitioners are saying this is now the new benchmark for vaginal beauty! They use tag lines like, "Some women just want to look "prettier".

Some gutter-level these doctors will go down to, just to make a buck! Thank you Julie Lluch for this magnificent work of realist art.