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Ateneo Relief Efforts for the Victims of Typhoon Ondoy Sep 28, 2009

Ateneo Relief Efforts for the Victims of Typhoon Ondoy

Havoc in Ondoy's Wake
After a month's volume of rainfall poured down in a day on the Phiippines, hundreds of lives and billions in property were lost in Metro-Manila alone. People were left stranded on rooftops, cars were abandoned as they floated on water and houses were washed away by rising river banks.

Human Spirit
Like any disaster scenario, heroism and selflessness ruled the day. Many centers were put up to help typhoon victims. Relief goods swelled as rescue centers were inundated by donations in kind and cash. Volunteers from all walks of life put in their time and effort to the collective effort.

Ateneo de Manila's Task Force Ondoy
Ateneo is one of many relief centers mobilizing volunteers and accepting donations on behalf of the victims. The activities were done under the covered basketball courts. To an outsider, it may seem like chaos seeing so many people moving about, but a well-oiled system was in place. It was controlled chaos.

Controlled Chaos
First, volunteers were required to register and then pooled for orientation on what's happening - how donations in kind are sorted, repacked and distributed to the waiting tranport vehicles. Then they were moved to HQ center where a person on megaphone requests a number of volunteers. Whoever raises their hands are ushered by a facilitator to where the work is required. The task may be to load water (equivalent to 1 liter) to the individual plastic bags, or maybe to be part of the human chain where repacked goods are passed from one person to another until it reaches the trucks, or it could be sorting/packing clothes for use of one family. There was a cacophany of activities that eventually funneled down to streamlining the operations to a comprehensive pack of water, food, medicines, clothes to a family in need. When the particular task is done, a facilitator announces that it's over and that volunteers can go back to HQ for other volunteer work. The system works! People were swarming all over, but everyone knew what specific task they had to do.

Volunteers Welcome
Ateneo's relief efforts are scheduled to go on until Friday, Oct. 2. For those interested, they can just show up at the covered basketball courts and register. The facilitators will take care of providing clear concise instructions. Donations can be dropped at MVP Lobby. For those stranded/those who need help: To all students who need help or know of people who need help. Please text the name, location, and contact number to (+6329088877166). ATENEO, which is now an open shelter, accepts refugees. Call (+632917-8952792). By public transport, get off at Jollibee in Katipunan where the pedestrian overpass is - that's the gate nearest to the courts.

--- TheLoneRider

Metro Manila Blogs by TheLoneRider

Sep 28, 2009

Lilia (Canada)
(Oct 7, 2009) I was able to collect from the office CAN$510.00 which we deposited in the acount of the Sharelife for Philippine typhoon victims which in turn will be turned over to the National Action Center of the Catholic Church. Filipinos here are very busy trying to raise money and goods to be sent to the Philippines. The Our Lady of the Assumption Church (which is the central collecting office) has already sent 300 boxes of clothes, non-perishable goods, etc. to the National Action Center (Catholic Church) in Intramuros.

It is sad that people here do not trust the government. Everyone I talked to always had one thing to say: Do not send it to any government agency. Its like civilians now taking care of the flood victims, helping one another.

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