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A Gathering of The Lone Gunmen Nov 22, 2009

Zeitgeist Movement Philippines: A Gathering of The Lone Gunmen

X Files
To those familiar with the tv series, the X Files, you'd know the 3 tech-savvy conspiracy theorists, The Lone Gunmen. That's the feeling I got when I attended what I thought was a discussion on Zeitgeist at Ali Mall.

Zeitgeist Movement Philippines
I was so shaken by the movie Zeitgeist (the first one and Addendum) that I spent nearly a week writing a movie review about it. When I got wind of a Zeitgeist meeting in the Philippines by the Zeitgeist Movement Philippines, I didn't need convincing. The posting came through FaceBook and was passed on to me by a friend who went with me. I didn't know anyone from that circle, but nonetheless, I knew it would be a meeting of like-minded individuals.

Cloaked without the Daggers
We showed up at Ali Mall thinking there would be a convention hall for the event. None. I asked the guards and some workers where the event was taking place. None knew. Hmmmm. At the Food Court, my friend saw one of the organizers, a guy in his early 20s. We chatted as we waited for others to show up. It turned out the Ali Mall meeting was just an initial gathering. The real event was to happen at someone else's house, not too far away. It seemed clandestine and shadowy.

Underground Raves
I was reminded of the underground raves in Toronto where people showed up at a certain place at a specific time for instructions on where to go next, until they arrive at the place, usually, an abandoned warehouse where the party was happening.

Geek Talk
While waiting for the others, there was casual geek-talk about the Riemann Hypothesis, Pi and irrational numbers, replete with verbalized mathematical calculations disproving prime numbers to be finite. One guy even recited the value of pi to so many decimal places! I was impressed. I had the impression this group are tech-savvy activists who can hack through 128-bit encryption...not unlike The Lone Gunmen.

The Wannabe
I was wired, feeling-like a conspiracy theorist who saw one too many episodes of The Lone Gunmen on the X Files. Secret handshakes, coded messages, avatars and name-handles came to mind. My mind was racing thinking what name I should give myself...Anti-Hero? The Pin Cushion Man? Maybe Blackie Lavender...but wait, that sounds more like a porn name. I loved the drama. I was hoping Cancer Man would make a surprise appearance.

Iconoclastic Lone Gunmen
True enough, when the others showed up, most of them were equally adept at technology and the virtual world...brimming with optimistic views of an abundant green planet with its inhabitants free from government and its laws. They were young, idealistic, with expertise in the field of graphic design, programming, math, etc. They were oscillating between brick and mortars to an online existence - the pioneering iconoclasts for a new world order thriving on a resource-based economy where money and its institutions are reduced to iconic symbols of an aberrant past. Whoa...I think I'm getting carried away here. They're cool. Enough said.

Information Dissemination
We then proceeded on foot to a house where plans for the next phase were to take shape - leaflet distribution for online viewing of Zeitgeist Addendum, cd burning of the movie for the download-aversed, Pilipino translation for mass comprehension, etc. Hosting a screening with the Pinoy Free Thinkers were on the agenda. We browsed on relevant links, looking for possible partnerships with like-minded groups and individuals. The Pinoy Zeitgeist blog even came up.

Ending Thoughts
Our here-and-now is a fractional monetary-based economy running on fossil fuel. To envision a resource-based economy that renders governments and laws obsolete is so lofty, it sounds even arrogant. But hey, Rome wasn't built in a day either. If not for anything else, I applaud these idealist Zeitgeist warriors whose vision blazes through the brushy trail of economic and corporate inefficiencies. They are young, highly motivated, smart and not afraid to use technology to meet their objectives. Though their vision is perhaps generations away, the seed they plant now serves as tomorrow's cornerstone for the movement. I am reminded of a popular adage by Margaret Mead,

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

--- TheLoneRider

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Metro Manila Blogs by TheLoneRider

Nov 22, 2009

Reader Comments:

"Is there room for a 60 yr old non-techie..."
(Aug 16, 2010) best to check-out their link and connect with them, Antonio: Zeitgeist Movement Philippines

Antonio J. Bacani
(Aug 16, 2010) Is there room for a 60 yr old non-techie who dreams of a better future for the world in your movement?

(Nov 27, 2009) Cool!

(Nov 26, 2009) I really enjoyed reading your perspective of the meeting. The meeting itself was summarized eloquently and with a personal touch, which may well be more receptive to the audience of your website, especially those who want to find out what the Zeitgeist Movement is about in more clarity, through such meetups.

Finally, we would again be very glad to have you at our future meetings, to discuss more ideas and hold stimulating activities.

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