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Siddhi-Activation Workshop Feb 4 - Mar , 2024

Siddhi-Activation Workshop

Location Google Map: Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

In yogic parlance, Siddhi is the development of superhuman powers - it's a tall order to be conducting such a workshop or even invoke it. It's considered taboo in yoga to put focus on Siddhi, let alone to conduct a workshop to activate it.

I differ. Siddhi is a tool like fire - could be good or bad depending on the user. Fire can cook your food and heat your house on a cold day. Abused, fire can burn you.

Rite of Passage
In my yoga practice, I am at a point where most of what I do can trigger a Siddhi activation - Pranayama, Kumbhaka, Bandha, Mudra and Mantra. It's just a rite of passage in going through the 8 Limbs of Yoga. This area is virtually untouched by the studio practitioners. This is where I come in.

Getting Pro-Active
The Siddhi-Activation workshop has long been in my thoughts but remained inert all this time. With renewed impetus for 2024, I kick-started the preparation with my business partner and headed to Cebu to talk to the studio owners.

Yoga Studios in Cebu
I initially thought about doing 1 workshop in Cebu, but why not 3? Since I would be there, it makes sense to offer it to the varied yoga studios. I talked to Bliss Yoga Cebu, Re-Fit Wellness Center and Dawata Yoga. The owners were accommodating and receptive. It's also something new to the scene - no one has ever attempted to teach a Siddhi class/workshop before. It's almost blasphemous.

Instead of the studios organizing it and us giving us a percentage, we would run the show - pay the studios for the use of their space, handle our own marketing, and do our own video recording. This way, we would be in control of our event.

Doing the Pencil Pushing
Back in Siquijor, I began to identify the variables (workshop mechanics, what the studios will provide, the payment system, promotion, etc.) and drafted the proposal - the same for all three studios.

Siddhi-Activation Workshop
Inversions are powerful in awakening Kundalini, activating the Chakras and triggering Siddhis

Ending Thoughts
Since Siddhi activation has long been my practice already, I didn't have to prepare too much for the teaching part. I simply have to ensure the whole program fits into our 2-hour time frame. It's also easy for me to sell that workshop as I am the embodiment of my practice. I don't walk on water yet, but the system I've developed has allowed me to remain strong, resilient from disease and stay younger.

This is our first salvo. The next phase is to offer the video version to a global audience as a pay-to-view online alternative.

If this is successful, I'll be lining up more goal-specific yoga workshops. I have already developed many such - yoga to remain forever young, yoga for physical strength, yoga for mental strength + tapas homework, HIIT yoga, etc.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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