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Overnight in Kluang, Malaysia Aug 13-14, 2016

Overnight in Kluang, Malaysia

GPS waypoint: 2°01'45.7"N 103°19'03.4"E
Location: Kluang City, Johor State, Malaysia

Surprise Invite
It was a surprise gesture from Eunice when she invited me to come along to her hometown in Kluang, Malaysia for the weekend to meet her family and show me around. Kluang is a suburban town where people are deeply entrenched in their ways and tradition. It's a throwback to a Norman Rockwell era when the world was more innocent and people more connected.

Overnight in Kluang, Malaysia
going out for breakfast with Eunice and her is in the blood

There was good food in every corner in Kluang - the whole town seems to be one big food court from Malay food to Chinese cuisine. At Kluang Rail Coffee, I was introduced by Eunice to their customary 'set breakfast' - a combo of soft boiled egg stirred-in with a little soy-sauce and pepper + buttered toast + coffee. It seemed plain and simple enough, but together, they make for a satisfying meal. Now in Davao as I write this, I try to do the same breakfast concoction with marginal success - it's not quite the same.

Family Ties
It's not everyday I get invited by a new friend to spend a weekend with family - it's intimate. That's usually reserved for someone who has earned trust and comfort-level. It's flattering. I had a fleeting conversation with her siblings, her Mom and Dad, giving me a ringside seat to their private family dynamics. It's different and it's refreshing. As a traveler on the road for 4 years now, family is not DNA's people I cross paths with who look after my well-being, as I look after their's.

On The Road Cafe
I'm not sure if this cafe is inspired by the Jack Kerouac book, On The Road, but it had the trappings of neo-beatnik vibe with its young and hipster-ish crowd. A row of books lay on the shelves for the reading. Best of all, CHEESECAKE! Yes, this cafe specializes in cheesecake...lots of them. Eunice couldn't help ordering 4 plates for just us three - with Clevin, a high school mate she hasn't seen in years.

Ending Thoughts
It was short and sweet. The following day, Eunice and I boarded the bus back for the 4-hour ride back to Singapore where she resumes work and where I continue exploring the possibilities of the day. It was a privilege to be a family guest. Thank you, Eunice!

--- TheLoneRider

Next stop: back to Singapore

Eunice arranging for bus tickets - Singapore-Kluang, Malaysia-Singapore we ate most of the time breakfast set = 2 softboiled eggs + buttered toast + coffee
at Kluang Rail Coffee, a popular Malay eating place where we had the breakfast set at On The Road Cafe with high schoolmate, Clevin On The Road Cafe was an engaging cafe with cool books and chill peeps
4 plates of cheese cake with only 3 people....what did Eunice have in mind? a short distance from the city is already the mountains for hiking and open space home-cooked meal by Eunice's Mom

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