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ABS Fitness Challenge Series

Abs Showdown 2007 October 15, 2007

ABS SHOWDOWN 2007 - Polling now open!!!

After reading my Abs Christmas Present story, Faz, my good friend from Toronto, challenged me to a friendly abs showdown. I thought about it for a while. Hey, cool!

The More The Merrier
To kick it up a notch, I invited 3 more to join us. Each is committed to a rigorous workout sculpting their abs, and will be sending me a weekly picture taken on the designated date. I'll be posting it accordingly. Over the course of 2.5 months, you should be seeing improvements on our physiques as we continue with our workouts.

Poll Voting
Ultimate showdown is Christmas Day. You get to vote too! There will be two (2) voting polls. One is for the most ripped. The 2nd polling is for the "most radically improved abs", in fairness to those who entered not as toned as the others. So if you started out with a thick layer of blubber and finished looking like a washboard, you got a good chance of bagging the poll (well, even if you didn't, aren't you glad you now look fab?).

Michael Fazackerley
Michael Fazackerley
Glen Callender
Glen Callender
Marko Samson
Marko Samson
Oct 15
Oct 22
Oct 29
Nov 5
Nov 12 no
Nov 19
Nov 26 dropped-out
Dec 3
Dec 10
Dec 17
Dec 25


Final Results



final votes



most improved

Ending Thoughts - This is one event where when one wins, nobody loses. Everyone came out of it a little more fit, and a little healthier....more »»

--- TheLoneRider

ABS Workout videos:

  1. THENX
  2. Calisthenic Movement
  3. Saturno Movement

ABS Benchmarks:

  1. Beginner: standards like crunch, leg raise, V-sit, bicycle (when you can do more reps or hold longer, it's time to level up)

    V sit

  2. Intermediate: lolasana, L-sit (leveling up)

    L sit

  3. Advanced: manna (very few people on the planet can do this)


ABS Tips:

  • drink lots of water (with pinch of salt and juice of 1 lime) instead of soda or fruit juice
  • avoid fatty foods, deep-fried dishes, or food with visible fat (pork chops)
  • decrease your food consumption but eat healthier
  • you can't do it just by doing mega-crunches. you need to diet and do lots of cardio.
  • to measure your progress, you can do a fixed number of abdominal reps/week and increase the number every week. by the end of the program, you should be able to do 600 reps/session - a combination of side-bends, crunches, leg-raises, sit-ups, etc.
  • ideally, you should only use body weight 'coz you want your waist slim and lean...not wide and bulky
  • high rep/low load is ideal until you feel the burn...and then continue until you feel fire!
  • best to take the photo shot with a uni-directional yellow light pointing highlights shadows

Abs Blogs:

Comments? Email

Reader Comments:

About the lighting: good call on the lighting...because it creates an optical bias. That was just good timing for me. A few days before, I noticed the French chef's lamp being made with aluminum cans. He had a few more cans and gave me 2. I made the same lamp and then took my picture. In fairness, I also told the other participants to shoot with a unidirectional lighting above. -- TheLoneRider

(Jan 17, 2008) ...too bad one had to back out but way to go, i think you got the prize for that one if there is a prize. since there is the best six pack there should also be the best beer keg.

PJ Villarta
(Jan 15, 2008) great job on the abs. true, everyone really wins in this. but perhaps next time, TheLoneRider should not be taking part in it. ;) one more thing, the pictures should be taken with the same setting and the same lighting conditions. hehe

Joel Disini
(Jan 9, 2008) ahem! bakit naman iba ang lighting sa pics ni "thelonerider" sa "before" and "after"? the lighting in the "after" pic creates shadows that hilights the sculpting in your abs. whereas in the "before" pic, the lighting is diffused and has no such shadows. Dapat - i-disqualify si LoneRider! seriously though, good job on the abs.

(Dec 19, 2007) So were you able to contact Cos to see if he wanted to do your 2007 showdown? That would've been great to have both of you in it 5 years later and "yes" I wish I was there to take the pics!!!! :) Hey, did you do that crazy diet again this time around?

Cecile IgnacioCecile Ignacio
(Oct 28, 2007) You're all so cute! I wish I could join too, hahaha. I am now so curious who would have better abs. I'll sure cast my vote. Good luck to everyone!

Katti Sta. Ana
(Oct 23, 2007) This should be good incentive for me to work on my abs. I'm too shy to show myself to everyone, though, so I'll just participate privately. I recently bought a two-piece so that should be a good enough incentive. I've never worn one before but have always wanted to. Good luck to all of us!

(Oct 20, 2007) Honestly, I couldn't help giggling at those pictures showing their facial expressions as well as their abs. :) Anyway, it's a cool idea to share the process of rebuilding abs with your mates.

Wee2 Oco-Pesquera
(Oct 19, 2007) funniest funniest i ever saw!!!! amusing! go choy! go go go batchmate markoooo!!!!!

(Oct 16, 2007) yahoo! go marko! go go go!

(Oct 15, 2007) ...and may the best man win! But of course, I'll be rooting for u!

DennisDennis Lopez
(Oct 15, 2007) bwahahaha! good luck Choy!

(Oct 12, 2007) So another abs showdown eh? That does sound like fun.... I won't be joining cuz i'm just not that committed, but i will be curious to see what the polls say in the end.

(Oct 11, 2007) Tell me three things I can do everyday, and Ill take pictures of my abs too. Im ONLY going to send them to you though. NO ONE else. Lemme know, help me, kick my abs!!!

(Oct 11, 2007) The spirit is (quite) willing but the flesh is weak....

PJ Villarta
(9 Oct 2007) asteeeeg! go choy!

FerchFerch G. Santos
(9 Oct 2007) woohoo!!! yan ang gusto ni choy...:D pogi kasi eh..

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