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Fight Quest on Discovery Channel January 12, 2008

Fight Quest on Discovery Channel

Streaming Video
I haven't had TV in a long while (and I don't plan on having one) so naturally, I don't know what's showing nowadays...or what movie runs in the theaters. Nursing my cough, I was constrained to stay home and do whatever internet work I can lay my hands on. While surfing the web for a site with a nice look-and-feel for my next web project, I came upon Discovery Channel's site. Looking at the programs, I saw Fight Quest, with video - it's like having TV. I checked it out.

About the Show
It's about a rookie and a seasoned mix-martial arts guys who travel the globe in search of different types of martial arts - from ancient to the latest fusion-type genre between striking and grappling. They also learn weapons - staff, the cali stick, etc. When they reach a destination, they immerse themselves into the practice with the local sensei and later do a showdown with a disciple.


  • They try stick fighting in the Philippines (woo-hoo!). With the slightest hesitation, he got clobbered with 9 lightning-fast hits. The injuries were real.
  • In a jungle-survival training, they had to chase a pig, a monitor lizard and bag a full adult python.
  • Kumite fighting. 3 fights in a row, no break vs fresh fighters.


  • Normally, when I play the video for the first time, I let it run and cache into my system while I wash the dishes or do something else. Then I watch the replay so it's one smooth show without buffering. This one doesn't cache, but it seems to load faster than YouTube.
  • There's also a sneaky streaming video commercial...ah...nothing's sacred anymore.

Ending Thoughts
Traveling the globe to immerse in the local martial arts...and then a showdown. Wow! What a concept. To travel and feast on the sights and sounds of a new place is exciting enough. Add learning the local martial arts? Waaaay Cool! Every time I come across a martial arts show, I'm reminded how much I miss it. I've always wondered what it's like to have the brute savagry of Muay Thai, the grace of Aikido, the balance of Ninjitsu and the bone-cracking vise of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu all rolled into one gladiator. With no teacher, no gym, and no one to spar with, I'm left riding my bike (and that's waaay cool too). Give me a sensei who's as good in his discipline as Aklay is in the kitchen and I'll be his obedient student.

With video this interesing, who needs TV?

--- TheLoneRider

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