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lucid thoughts

October 5, 2002 Saturday


None in the usual sense, but I did some night riding with my daughter. It didn't matter to her it was cold and dark. She had to be on that saddle. Next time, I'll make sure I pre-charge my NiteRider dual handlebar headlights for her while I use NightPro's helmet-mount light.

Synaptic Labyrinth

Scott gave me an invite to his DJ gig at Synaptic Labyrinth for some free psychedelic trance and GOA music. Miho was there after forwarding her the invite. Acquaintances from OM were likewise there - Bethany and Alex. More familiar faces were there that I never had a chance to meet at OM. The psy-trance music was reminiscent of the 3-day, 6 sound stage setup at OM last June. It's true what an acquaintance once told me about trance - it's contextual. In my case, it was in the context of the 3 glorious days I was at OM where the music played on virtually non-stop.

Human Connection

Human connection was at play (as it always does) at the Labyrinth. In my endless pursuit of it, I've found myself in different places with different people over coffee, food and friendship. Its allure is much like seeing a never-before-tried fork in the trail that shows promise. You veer off the beaten path with a heightened sense of exploration and discovery. Sometimes, it leads to a magnificent waterfall and sometimes it just becomes increasingly vaguely defined until it simply vanishes. You then realize it wasn't going anywhere. Do you blaze your own trails from there in the pursuit of that fleeting moment? Tempting. However, there are far too many forks left to discover within the trail system to be blazing a new one for. I'll just turn back and head to where the trail forked and be on the beaten path again, always eager to discover new forks along the way.

OM - The Last Chapter

I left around 2 AM and walked the rest of the way from Brunswick to Yonge - a good 30 minute walk that I used to reflect on what this all means. I went there hoping I could relive the partial magic of OM in tonight's gig but none of that was there - despite the cool crowd, the hypnotic music and warm vibe. I guess that was an unfair expectation. Again, I was TheLoneRider on a journey in search of magical moments. In a way I came to realize that what I came there in search of, was something I've already taken long before. And as Scott himself told me, "it's a nice little slice of peace on earth that you bring a little bit back into the rest of the world". And very much like having explored a new and unknown trail that forks off the main trail, you pursue that enigmatic route full of eager anticipation of new discovery, remain awed by the wonder that unfolds, but then you find yourself taken back into the main trail - a beautiful detour with lessons to be gleaned from. For everything that was OM, I will forever be thankful. The journey continues.


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Reader Comments:

Scott (October 17, 2002)
guess i should have warned you that an indoor party in toronto isnt gonna be quite the same as a big festival in the summer ;) hope you had a good time anyway... it might not be magic but its supposed to be fun anyway...peaze..

Bethany (October 9, 2002)
Verry nice! I like what you wrote especialy the human connection part! I myself have taken many a lone travelled walk through this city..early mornings coming back from some party.


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