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October 23, 2002 Wednesday

Conversation with a yogi

I haven't really talked to my yoga teacher Kiran since she came back from her travel despite attending her power yoga class twice a week. With her busy schedule, it was imperative to set a time for chatting. We scheduled one today after her other yoga class - a Hatha beginner class.

Our talk brought me back to the time when I hung out with my hippie high school buddies on mountain summits deliberating on life, dogma, divinity, soul searches, transcendentalism, existentialism, etc. In talking about out-of-body experiments, she cautioned that in my quest for astral travel that I don't succumb to the allure of the planes. They are said to be bewitching and that it's tempting not to come back. Imagine a world where you can make things happen just by thinking about it. That's even way better than the movie "The Matrix".

This reminded me of a story in Greek mythology of the Sirens whose songs were so enchanting they would lure sailors and cause them to crash their boats into the rocks. Odysseus and his crew, on the way from Troy, are thought to be the only sea travelers that survived the Sirens' luring songs. He knew of the lure of the Sirens but he had to hear matter what. He had all his men stuff their ears with beeswax, so that they could not hear, then he instructed them to lash him to the mast of the ship in torture so he would not jump off and drown.

I cannot help but juxtapose a scenario where Oedysseus were alive today existing for 24 hours each day when all that's in it is to wake up, work within a small windowless cubicle, struggle a laugh at management's unfunny jokes, eat fries, go home and sleep...only to wake up the following day and do the whole thing all over again...but I digress.

Such is the case with my increasing fixation on the astral plane. If it does exist, then I have to experience matter what. One of its many captivating allure is the fabled Akashik records - "an infinitely detailed history book that keeps a permanent record of every thought, perception and event that ever occurred. Past events can be viewed, accessed and even experienced firsthand". That alone is enough to blow my mind off. If it's indeed true, you can go back in time and experience the crucifixion of Christ...or be there when Buddha achieved enlightenment...the possibilities are limited only by imagination.

--- TheLoneRider

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Kiran SohalKiran Sohal
(Oct 25, 2002) You would make a great storyteller...I enjoyed the read and look forward to the next one.

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