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lucid thoughts

November 23, 2002 Saturday

There are dry weekends when nothing's happening. Then you have weekends when you get invites to more than 1 party and you have to cut your time short to make it to both. Such was the case this Saturday.

Brian's Excellent Party

Brian's party is almost always a kind of reunion amongst ex-Chapters people - something to look forward to and not to be missed. On top of that, there's his usual merry band of friends who have become familiar faces as well, given his last 2 parties. Best of all, there's the most animated person of the lot - the host himself, Brian. He hugs and kisses everyone when he gets drunk. Nope, I wasn't spared. But it's always great seeing him hammered.

I used to float around meeting as many people as I can in parties - which isn't bad. However, by the following day, everything would just be a blur and I'd be lucky to remember 1 name. This time I stuck around trying to get to know people a little better...trying to explore common avenues...looking for the possibility of human a point it can happen.

I was looking forward to seeing Carrie again whom I haven't seen since the last time we had lunch during the early days of June. Better still, she brought a friend with her, Joanne, whom I had a great conversation with about epicurean pursuits. The 3 of us planned on doing a cookout with Joanne (a professional chef) doing the main course, me providing the spirits, and Carrie looking after our sweet-tooth cravings. With the tight holiday schedule coming up, I hope something real comes out of this.

Emily's Surprise Birthday Party for Genevieve

I've waited too long to see Emily again. The last time was when I met her - at the OM Summer Solstice Festival...a good 5 months back. Now I get to see her, meet her wife Gen, and party with her friends as well - it's all looking good.

It was nearly 1 AM when I arrived. I thought a lot of people would be friends from OM but it seems the crowd was mostly from school. I couldn't have asked for a better crowd. Their spontaneity and unbridled verve were just awesome (despite 2 broken doors, a few broken bottles, puke on the carpet, etc...LOL!!!).

Emily and Genevieve were radiant together brimming with positive energy. They make a great couple. The freedom they exercised went beyond thinking "out of the box" - there was simply no box.

I'm glad Gen liked the present I gave her - home made Cabernet Sauvignon with the Tomb Raider label with a twist: Gen was Lara Croft.

A poignant moment came upon me while looking at the pictures on the wall. There was Emily's dad whom I didn't know was a Greenpeace activist. I've already read a few things about them. I regard them as mythical warriors of the ecosystem who risk life and limb protecting mother earth from the ravages of profit-centered big business. There were several pictures...some in arctic places depicting their struggle in saving seals from the fur hunters. To me, he is one of the unsung heroes who will eventually make the world of our children and children's children, a thriving and vibrant ecosystem. If I had one regret that evening, it was in not meeting him.

Now it's coming into place. Emily's mass email distribution about the Rainforest Petition and a whole slew of other urgent causes (the names of which escape me)...I can see where she gets it from.

As TheLoneRider on a journey in search of magical moments, I was hoping I could make some human connection along the way. I believe I have. Love, peace and cool vibe were shared. The world is a better place with the likes of Emily and Gen. The next chapter looks promising.


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Reader Comments:

(November 25, 2002) WOW, your thoughts and creation of this website is something so special to me. Your summary and ideas of the party really put me in a great mood! I almost can't express how much I love, appreciate, and enjoy this creation of yours. All I can say is thank you, because your essence and energy means a lot to me! And thanks so much for being there. I loved seeing you again and I know lots of my friends were commenting on how amazing of a person you are. Gen loved meeting you and we are still so excited about the wine and label. I really loved it!!!! Thanks for adding greatness to the atmosphere, you helped make the vibe of the party what it was! I'm so glad you had a great time! I hope too that we can see each other again soon!

TheLoneRider -- It had nothing to do with me, Emily. It was you and Gen and your awesome crew who made the evening a magical moment, bringing out the best in everybody - me included. Again, many thanks.


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