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May 23, 2002 Thursday

Ultimate Frisbee 2

Well, as good fate would have it, I did get a third invite for a lunch time frisbee game. Of course I accepted, this time hoping I'd play better than the last time. Although still a bit off guard on a few occasions when the person I'm guarding manages to get away and score, I think my game is an improvement from the last. I'd stay in the end zone, move within the zone until I get a pass and voila...a score. I must have done that 3 times. I thought I was happening until the other team member, in a gesture of goodwill to a greenhorn who doesn't know better about the convention of the game, pointed out that I was "cherry picking"...hanging around on the end zone for an easy score at the expense of my team mates who're working their asses off in the battle trenches. That kind of rained on my parade, but that's what I needed to know. Otherwise, my team mates would simply stop liking me for reasons I would have no clue about.

The more I deliberated on the thought however, the more I disagreed to it...whether it's an accepted convention or not. The fact is, it delivered a score. It should be considered part of strategy and not "cherry picking". It's only part of tactical thinking to gain that edge. The analogy I could think of in basketball is telling Shaq he can no longer stay under the goal and do an alley-up. If another team mate would have "cherry picked" and scored (and even if there was no score), I'd be ecstatic and give him/her the high five.

Dunno...maybe I'm just missing something.

--- Gigit (TheLoneRider)
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