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2013 archive

December 2012 Blogs

2012: A Year in Review lucid

2012: A Year in Review

(Dec 31, 2012) 2012 was such a whirlwind of travel all over the Philippines, from as north as Laoag to as south as Gen San in Mindanao, and nearly everything in between. I was traveling with very little money but somehow survived and even thrived. I even met a special lady in Gen San...more »»

Surfing at Amihan Surf and Skim, Dahican Beach, Mati, Davao Oriental surfing
Surfing at Amihan Surf and Skim, Dahican Beach, Mati, Davao Oriental
(Dec 27-29, 2012) The main action in Mati happens on Dahican Beach at Amihan Surf and Skim. Surfers from near and far gather here for community, surf, sun and beach. Jun Plaza founded this community to train future podium finishers while instilling discipline and respect for the ecology...more »»

Exploring Mati, Davao Oriental traveling
Exploring Mati, Davao Oriental
(Dec 23-27, 2012) I've already heard from several people in Dumaguete that Mati is a special place. That was all I needed to know. I didn't know when I could get here, I just knew that at some point, I'll find a way. Now that I'm exploring Mindanao, I'm hitting those destinations one place at a time. Finally, after arriving from Tagum, I'm here in Mati.....more »»

Checking-out Tagum City, Davao del Norte traveling
Checking-out Tagum City, Davao del Norte
(Dec 22-23, 2012) I never heard of Tagum until I reached Davao City. I was told its a progressive small city with efficient tax collection that goes back for public spending. In short, the mayor is doing a good job. I was curious. Since it was along the way to Mati, I thought I'd drop by and check it out...more »»

Davao City: Family Ties traveling
Davao City: Family Ties
(Dec 15-22, 2012) Not finding a place in Davao City, I defaulted to relatives. It soon became clear that Davao this time around would be to reconnect with family before moving on deeper into Mindanao...more »»

Breakup Diaries: Chance Encounter in Davao City lucid
Breakup Diaries: Chance Encounter in Davao City
(Dec 19, 2012) I was given a name on a piece of paper that I somehow decided won't be of use to me anymore due to time constraints. Then I bump into a lovely lady who happens to be that person. It was an uncanny chance encounter. I even showed her the paper with her name on it. We both don't believe in coincidences. What followed was a classic case of me getting ahead of myself...more »»

Mystery Lady of GenSan lucid
Mystery Lady of GenSan
(Dec 15, 2012) It started as an unexpected suprise from a lovely lady who reads my blogs and who recognized me in GanSen. The benign acquaintance led into a series of events where we were practically inseparable, hanging out from morning til night, unmindful of the passage of time. We would talk about anything under the sun and not have to repeat ourselves. It was surprising to both of us how we could be so dialed in with one another. She was my best reason for staying longer in GenSan. But she was also my best reason for leaving.....more »»

Sunrise Festival at Gen San traveling
Sunrise Festival at Gen San
(Nov 27-Dec 7, 2012) I went to Gen San to be a part of the Sunrise Festival. Well, Gen San turned out to be everything BUT the Sunrise Festival. For now, Gen San is about durian, mangosteen (which sell cheap), Hotel San Marco and catching up on work. But there's something about Gen San that makes me want to stay a little longer. I still don't know what it is....more »»

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