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Grilled Lobster and Tiger Prawns with Kale and Hitoshi Feb 28, 2011

Grilled Lobster and Jumbo Tiger Prawns with Kale and Hitoshi

Genevieve's 'Goodbye Toronto' party
It's been nearly 8 years since I met Kale back at Genevieve's 'Goodbye Toronto' party. It was one of the most fun parties I've had, meeting several people whose friendship I've continued long after the party, and several more I would love to have further connected with.

Come On Down!
But for now, I'm only thankful seeing Kale again. I didn't think I'd see her again until I got a PM on Facebook saying she might be passing through the Philippines with partner Hitoshi. Three words, "COME ON DOWN!".

Dumaguete Tour
I got the chance to take them to Dauin's Poblacion 1 for some snorkelling. They just came from Bali and was disappointed at the state of coral reefs there. It was good they saw in Dauin a healthier reef. But no turtles! Kale forfeited her chance to see the whale sharks of Donsol to see turtles here...and no one showed up at Dauin. Hey, wouldn't it be cool if my giant Mr. Leatherback made a surprise appearance? Anyway, they took off to Apo Island for the turtle-guaranteee...and they did.

Birthday Lobster
Their last day (today) happens to be Hitoshi's birthday too. Time to fire up the Weber grill for his fav dish - jumbo tiger prawns and lobster!

Ending Thoughts
Writing this now and looking back at my story when I first met Kale, and seeing all the people I met for the first time at Genevieve's party, I just felt nostalgic. So much has happened in the intervening 8 years. Then, I was still part of the corporate world and on my way to Burning Man. Life has never been the same after that. Since that time, Kale has been to Burning Man 3X and Hitoshi...twice? We didn't really get to talk much about life post-Burning Man. I wanted to know if their lives were as radically changed as mine. And with Kale, I sensed so much maturity from 8 years back. I hope I get to see my raver friends again. I miss the scene as much as I miss them - Genevieve, Shan, Julia, Emily, Lyndsey. I'd like to share with them the magic Dumaguete has to offer. One day....

--- TheLoneRider

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Reader Comments:

Hitoshi OkamotoHitoshi Okamoto
(Mar 7, 2011, 2011) We had a great time in Dumaguete. That was one of my best birthdays! thanks!!

Kale Gossen0Kale Gossen
(Mar 5, 2011) ...thank you for everything. We are so glad that we went to Dumaguete, and grateful to have such a great friend to show us the ropes. I know that we will see each other one day, somewhere.

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