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Zeitgeist on the international banking cartel Sep 15, 2009

Zeitgeist: International Banking Cartel (2007)
Rating: star star star star star (5 stars out of 5)
Director: Peter Joseph
Genre: Documentary
Run Time: 118 minutes

3-Part Movie
Zeitgeist is a thoroughly researched and controversial movie that's broken down into 3 segments - Christianity, 911 and the International Banking Cartel. I've already posted my review on Christianity and 911. Now, the International Banking Cartel.


Printing Money and Charging Interest
Zeitgeist explains that the central bank-based monetary system is rigged at the very outset through the ingenious use of debt. The Central Bank loans the money it prints to the US government at interest. Through adept manipulation of interest rates and money supply, governments are reduced to marionettes by the "men behind the curtain" since they control the central banking system. The common man is consequently enslaved as he works his way to pay off this 'debt' which had no legal right to exist in the first place.

Bank Runs and Public Panics
The central banking system, through the Federal Reserve, increases money supply making cheap credit and then calls on the loans which in turn create public panic and bank runs. Think of musical chairs. When the music stops, there aren't enough chairs and someone is left out.

   Give me control of a nation's money supply and I care not who makes its laws
-- Mayer Amschel Rothschild
(founder Rothschild banking dynasty)
When this happens, smaller banks close shop, businesses go bankrupt and the big banks muscle-in to buy out corporations and smaller banks at pennies to the dollar. This scenario has been repeatedly played out in the bank runs of 1907, 1921, and up until recently, the real estate market meltdown. This repeating pattern is not an accident but a carefully planned economic sabotage.

Income Tax
Another veiled form of slavery to the unsuspecting public is the income tax. Offhand, there is no law in existence to mandate payment of income tax. Interviews with former IRS agents reveal that given all their years in service, they have not found such law. It's unconstitutional to levy it, and people have no legal obligation to pay it. An average of 25% of every person's income is siphoned to pay off this debt, which should never have occurred in the first place.

Federal Reserve
Where does the money really go? It goes to pay-off the interest on the loans made by the government from the Federal Reserve (the Fed). The Fed is not a government agency but a private enterprise created into law in 1913 when powerful banking interests exacted from then Pres. Woodrow Wilson as political IOU for their presidential campaign support. The Fed makes its own policies independent of government legislators. It's power lies in creating money and controlling interest rates. Through those means, it makes and breaks economies...domestically and internationally.

War Economy
War has been a very effective tool for profit and control for the banking system. Any government at war will borrow heavily to finance the war effort. Through payment of principal and interest, the banking cartels make a killing. Beginning with the Federal Reserve's creation, wars have been waged and sustained. It's not unusual for the banking cartel to provide loan financing to both sides. Rockefeller's Standard Oil sold oil additives to the Nazis during WW2. Union Banking Corp of NY became a money laundering institution for the Nazis. For the international bankers, money has no smell.

The War Pretext
The 'men behind the curtain' couldn't just drag the US government into war without selling the war to the American public first. How do they sell it? Here's what Zeitgeist maintains:

  • World War I - at a documented conversation between Pres. Wilson's top adviser (Col. Edward House. who was intimately connected with international bankers) and England's Foreign Secretary (Sir Edward Gray), the Lusitania was deliberately sent into German-controlled waters where it was sunk by a German U-boat. Of course this caused outrage with the American public. This opened up all avenues for Uncle Sam to go into war. Human cost: 323,000 American lives. Revenue for the bankers in 1919: US$30 billion.
  • World War II - Pres. Roosevelt, whose family comes from a long line of bankers, wanted US involvement into the raging war in Europe. But he had to find a way for the Japs to fire the first shot. Therefore, he provoked the Japanese by halting all of Japan's imports, freezing all Japanese assets in the US, and aiding Japan's war enemies. Being pushed to a corner, the Japanese retaliated by attacking Pearl Harbor. This of course sparked public outrage and a short time thereafter, the US was already at war.
  • Vietnam - allegedly, a US Navy destroyer was attacked by 3 Vietnamese PT boats in the Gulf of Tonkin. This was the pretext for a massive troop deployment for a full scale war. Years later, insiders admitted the 'incident' was a contrived never happened. Even Secretary of Defense, Robert McNamara admitted it was a 'mistake'. Revelations after the war disclosed American's Rules of Engagement was designed not to win the war, but to perpetuate it. This of course benefits the defense contractors and the banking institutions who provide funding. Human cost: 58,000 American lives, 3 million Vietnamese lives.
  • 911 - this is another staged war pretext for the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq...and not so obviously, a pretext to curtail civil liberties through the legislation of the Pariot Act, Homeland Security Act, Military Tribunals Act, etc.

Suckered Into
Zeitgeist purports that the public at large is not aware they are herded by a pied piper into believing that legislation passed to take their civil rights away is for their own good...that the general public is giving up their rights voluntarily. People are being manipulated by the government, the mass media, and they're not even aware of it. Effort has been laid out by the men-behind-the-curtain to mold a public incapable of critical thinking, a public incapable of conscious and informed decision making.

One World Government
Unbeknownst to many during its passing, US, Canada and Mexico entered into the North American Union with the Amero as common currency, not unlike Europe regrouping itself into the European Union with the Euro as its common currency. Concurrently, the African Union is taking shape and there's talk about an Asian Union. If the international bankers can have their way, they'll amalgamate all that into a one world government. As David Rockefeller called it, it's a supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite - one center of power, one army, and let's not forget the bottom of all this: one central bank. This union dissolves international borders and renders the constitution obsolete.

All Part of the Grand Design
When Nicholas Rockefeller (of the Rockefeller banking dynasty) talked to a film maker Aaron Russo, 11 months before the 911 attacks, he talked about an 'event' that will happen before the US launches an attack on Afghanistan and Iraq...then taking out Chavez to put Venezuela in play, then Iran. He then continued that at the end of the day, when the grand design has been realized, everyone will have the RFID chip implanted into their person.

RFID chip (radio frequency identification) is said to be the instrument to consolidate control of a compliant public. Now, this tracking device is built-in to newly issued US passports. The ultimate goal is to have this gadget implanted to individuals. With this tracking device, the government can completely monitor your activities...what you purchased, where you shop, where you are, etc. You're essentially reduced to a hostage because they can turn off your chip for non-compliance. It wasn't elaborated what this means, but I guess that means you become a non-entity in a second child in China's one-couple/one-child society....the second child technically doesn't exist...not entitled to anything from the government...scary. But perhaps good too...if you don't have the chip, you're essentially out of the radar...out of their clutches.

Ending Thoughts
I notice a repeating pattern here where the powers-that-be have controlled a chain of events to manipulate public sentiment and deceive people into giving up their civil rights...or at least provide a pretext to take it away from them. They seem to stick to a proven template. Notice the repeating pattern:

  • Hitler launched a pretext for passing the Enabling Act by burning down his own Parliament and blaming it on communist terrorists. He then engaged in pre-emptive wars justifying to the German public that it was necessary to maintain homeland security.
  • George W. Bush orchestrated the 911 inside job and blamed it on the radical network of terrorists. Having galvanized the public, he proceeded to legislate the Pariot Act, Homeland Security Act, etc. resulting in loss of civil rights. These acts were guised as an imperative to ensure domestic security and homeland protection. These acts however, disempower the public and allow the government to exercise invasive acts against everyone's civil rights.
  • Ferdinand Marcos used the bombing of Plaza Miranda to cite a communist plot to destabilize the government. Seizing emergency powers, he suspended the writ of habeas corpus, a jumping board for declaring Proclamation 1081, more popularly known as Martial Law. From thereon, up until his overthrow by a popularly supported uprising, he had carte blanche on the legislative, judicial and military arm of the government. People's rights were completely thrown out the window. 'Dissidents' were taken, jailed and tortured without any warrant, trial or even charged of a crime.
  • Gloria Macapagal Aroyo piggybacked on the 911 momentum to pass Proclamation 1017 when she uncovered a coup plot involving the withdrawal of support of some members of the military. She declared a state of national emergency giving her the option to exercise emergency powers - a veneer to Martial Law. Civil Rights have been forcibly taken away from anyone opposing her. Journalists, farmers, workers, film makers not towing the line were forcibly abducted in broad daylight and not be seen again. Those who escaped lived to tell a tale of torture, rape, sanctioned killings.
With the public disempowered and compliant (either through conquest or consent), the ruling elite can now exercise complete, absolute and total control of power and wealth. Armed with legislated acts and proclamations which robbed people blind of their civil rights, these powerful elite can search people's homes without a warrant, without them being home. People can be arrested with no charges revealed to them, detained indefinitely with no access to a lawyer, or even tortured, all under the suspicion of being an 'enemy of the state'. That's right. You don't have to commit a crime yet for them to punish you.

Whether Zeitgeist is a comprehensive analysis of the big picture we all take part of, or a counter-conspiracy to an ongoing conspiracy, I hope it jump-starts people into critical thinking and question the validity of things taking shape around them, and more importantly, their participation of just might stop perpetuate the manufactured zeitgeist the men behind the curtain prey upon.

--- TheLoneRider


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Reader Comments:

(Nov 22, 2009) thanks for a great job. This is perfect for spreading awareness. I will definitely look forward to your review of Zeitgeist Addendum. In solidarity...

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