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Zeitgeist on 911 Sep 14, 2009

Zeitgeist: 911 (2007)
Rating: star star star star star (5 stars out of 5)
Cast: as themselves, George W. Bush, Adolf Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, Dick Cheney
Director: Peter Joseph
Genre: Documentary
Run Time: 118 minutes

3-Part Movie
Zeitgeist is a thoroughly researched and controversial movie that's broken down into 3 segments - Christianity, 911 and the Federal Reserve. I've already posted a review on Christianity. Now, 911.


An Inside Job
This section claims that 911 was an inside elaborate conspiracy by the ultra right wing faction of the US government (read: Bush and his cohorts) to create an enemy image for people to rally on. This would in turn unrestrict the passage of certain doctrines designed to curtail civil liberties and constitutional rights. It would also hasten release of funds needed for a new level of imperial mobilization (attack on Afghanistan and Iraq)

Why It's an Inside Job
The arguments put forth by the producers why it's a conspiracy is as follows, most of them through interviews and through use of the very same footage released by mainstream media, but analyzed with a fine-tooth comb:

  • The Twin Towers collapsed at free-fall rate, exactly the same way a typical building implodes when demolition experts strategically position bombs and precisely time the explosions. Footage of minor explosions on the lower floors were captured on film while the building was in mid-collapse. Survivors inside the building claimed hearing an extremely loud explosion in the basement BEFORE the actual plane impact. After the collapse, the steel core structure which should have remained partially intact was reduced to molten steel. Jet fuel could not generate that much heat to melt these heavy duty steel core...but an explosion caused by controlled demolition could. What's left were "V" shaped cuttings at the base...a telltale sign of strategic bomb placement...a demolition expert ascertained so.
  • There was no Pennsylvania plane crash. Everyone saw on tv firefighters extinguishing fires from the crash site, smoke and fire still visible. Nigerian crash site footage were juxtaposed with this one and the difference was mind boggling. On the Nigerian crash site, the entire site was littered by plane parts and explosion debris. The Pennsylvania site was just an excavation on the ground and fallen plane parts, no debris, not one drop of blood!
  • The Pentagon crash, likewise never happened. Film footage again revealed no plane debris, no luggage, no bodies...just a burnning building with collapsed walls. Where were the plane parts? How could a 125-ft wide, 44-ft tall plane just vaporize? We're talking 12 tons of steel and titanium that cannot be melted by jet fuel. It's just not scientifically supported! On top of that, records indicate that the suicide pilot, Hani Hanjour, was such a bad pilot, he could not have done the tight plane maneuvering required to hit the Pentagon. Suspiciously, the crash site was immediately covered with soil (to hide evidence?), surveillance cameras confiscated and its release, denied by Pentagon. Why? Because bomb-carrying US operatives would be seen tip-toeing their way into the Pentagon?
  • The relationship between the Bushes and the Bin Ladens goes a long way. Bush, in Jan 21, 2001, 8 months prior to the attack, ordered his troops to back off investigating Bin Laden and his family, who were living in Virginia, just next to the CIA. headquarters.
  • The 911 Commission refused to follow through on the source of funding for the terrorist when it became evident money came from Pakistan. It said the matter was "of little practical significance". Huh? Because it may ultimately point to the White House?
  • To list the other evidences will create a long the movie instead.

Ending Thoughts
I first heard of this conspiracy before and I thought it was outlandish. But after seeing this movie, I feel differently now. The evidence to support the conspiracy theory is staggering and compelling...and it's not hearsay. You actually see the same footage released to the public and you hear what experts say based on their experience and analysis.

But one red flag calls to a fundamental flaw if it's indeed a conspiracy - it's one overly massive conspiracy...from the people who took care of funding, the people who planted the bombs, the people who were at the Pentagon at that time (that alone is HUGE, as the Pentagon is a city by itself), the firemen who were at the crash site (being on the ringside, they would have noticed there was no plane and no bodies), etc.

To organize a simple social event requires logistics, delegating people to do different jobs, having people working behind the scene, etc. You talk to A LOT of people. Now consider 911. With an operation this massive, how many people would you have to talk to? You'd have enough people to qualify for your own zip code! A conspiracy this big is flawed by its sheer size. That's just me.

Does it mean I don't believe the conspiracy theory? I think the conspiracy version packs more weight than having one too many people involved in it. This film was gutsy, very well researched and thought provoking.

--- TheLoneRider


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