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blackened steakJuly 12, 2009

Blackened Steak

If there's any food indulgence I'd walk a mile for, Blackened Steak is certainly one of them. Of all the recipes in my arsenal, this one's on top of the list (together with smoked salmon on cedar plank). It's the easiest and perhaps the most difficult. Easy because all you need are 3 ingredients and you're done in 2 minutes. It's hard because it's expensive (steak and wine), and to do it right, you need blackened steak seasoning. There's none locally made, and it's hard to find even imported ones.

Things-to-Do List
Char and I have been putting up a list of things-to-do, and savoring blackened steak is high on the agenda. As good fortune would have it, I saw a promo at Rustan's for Blackened Steak Seasoning (P157 for 2 jars) AND a cast iron plate (P100) cool is that? Without giving it a second thought, I made my purchase and penciled in a Sunday brunch with Char.

Ingredients: serves 1 steak per person
  • steak - preferably 1 inch thick. Choose a tender cut: tenderloin, porterhouse, T-bone, striploin, etc. I used a T-bone. At P475/K, an inch of T-bone was a little under P200.
  • butter
  • blackened steak seasoning
  • red wine - of course!

Smother one side of the steak with butter and generously sprinkle with the blackened steak seasoning. Let it stay for a few minutes so the seasoning gets moist and clings to the steak. Don't coat the other side yet.

Cooking Process
Heat up the cast iron plate (sizzling plate) until it's very hot. Put the steak, seasoning side down. This should produce heavy aromatic smoke. If it doesn't smoke much, then the sizzling plate isn't hot enough. Now, you have 1 minute to butter and season the other side of the steak before you flip it. With a spatula, spread butter on top of the steak and sprinkle the seasoning over it. Spread it evenly. After a minute, flip the steak and let it cook for another minute (1 minute for each side is for medium rare). Take it off the heat and enjoy eating. The steak will continue to cook as you eat it.

  • Do this outside as it creates intense smoke. Best to do this on a picnic.
  • If you REALLY want the best blackened steak seasoning, try to get the one from Sammy's Creole, in Toronto, Canada. They only make it in their restaurant and outside distribution is almost nil. But if you know someone coming from that place and will visit the Philippines, offer to pick him up at the airport in exchange for a few jars. It's worth it...promise!
  • You can go for a cheaper cut of steak, just have it tenderized with a steel works!
  • I discovered a decent bottle that's bang for the buck: Doña Elena, P121.00 at Eunilane in UP Village

Crusty on the outside, pink and juicy on the inside! All that cajun flavor done to perfection...washed down with wine...ineffable!

--- TheLoneRider

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Reader Comments:

(July 16, 2009) ang sweet ng pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhh kakakilig!

Jim Ward
(July 16, 2009) aren't vegetarian anymore ! sob...Joke Lang...has been too long! I am in Manila this weekend for ManilArt Show (among other things). KKB dinner 8 pm at CAFE XXXX (you know it?) in Kapitolya on Sat 18th...more the merrier.

Michael Fazackerley
(July 15, 2009) That's a lovely story. The picture of you and Charlene at the 'dinner is served' moment is one of the more endearing captures I've ever seen. She looks to be a pearl to be sure. I'm happy for you my friend. The few looks at Charlene indicate to me that she is a remarkable human being. Thank you for your continued updates and friendship from the other side of the world. :)

(Jul 15, 2009) Nice deal:) Dude, have you tried Texas Road Side Steak nmn?

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