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April 25, 2005 Monday

Drawing Workshop

Inspired by the artistic input from my painting students, spending a great deal of time with an artist, and orbiting an artistic circle at the College of Fine Arts, I was drawn to attend the 3-week Drawing Workshop (April 4 - April 25) offered by the UP College of Fine Arts.

Jamel Joseph A. ObnamiaJamel Joseph A. Obnamia
The workshop was under the tutelage of the able Jamel (BSHRA, UP, 1992 and BFA,UP, 1997). Aside from this morning workshop, he also conducts the afternoon oil painting workshop. On top of this full teaching load (materials, techniques and print making), he also pursues his M.A. Ask him a question, he'll give you a handful of answers. He knows what he's talking about. I don't know where he gets his energy. Energizer your heart out! Jamel is in town!

Workshop Mechanics
The workshop consisted of various instruments to drawing - technical pen, chinese brush, oil pastel, pencils, charcoal pencils, etc. For our media, we used book papers, felt paper and bond paper. Methods to draw ranged from line drawing, inverted drawing (you don't see the form but you see the lines and curves - this frustrates the left side of the brain and gives up, allowing the right side to take over), smudges, point drawing, transparency drawing, etc.

Right Hemisphere Thinking
The objective is not to learn a particular drawing style but to let the right side of the brain take over when drawing. The right side is random, intuitive, subjective and looks at wholes. The left side on the other hand is logical, sequential, rational, analytical and objective. Unfortunately, at an early point in life, the left side dominates nearly all brain activities, even the ones it's not designed drawing. Case in point, take any adult who has no artistic pursuit and make him draw. Chances are, no matter how high up he is in the totem pole, his drawing skills have not improved from when he was 10. About the same time the left hemisphere of the brain takes over.

Chill crowdNapoleon AbuevaA Chill Crowd
The participants came from all ages - kids to adults. We blended quite well. The 3-week bonding developed a growing camaraderie amongst us all. They loved fun, liked to laugh, positive about the future, and mostly, talented. Most of them took this workshop as a refresher in taking the talent test, to gain admission to the College of Fine Arts.

Napoleon Abueva
The climax of the workshop came when we had to exhibit our choice works to the public. The guest of honor was none other than national artist, Napoleon Abueva. An amiable man in his late sixties, he eschews the demeanor of someone who's been there and seen a lot. His work stands testament to his genius.

Kitchie NadalKitchie Nadal
A pleasant surprise came when Kitchie showed up with her manager Roca (Lee is friends with them). It was good of them to make it, being on their Sabbath. She seems to relish her remaining anonymity by going about things without an entourage. Talk to her and she gives you the feeling she puts her pants on one leg at a time...just like all of us.

Ending Thoughts
This workshop was a synergy of art, people, passion and the promising future that lay ahead. Some will make admission to the college and the others will move on. Whatever happens, the 3 weeks we spent here will forever remind me the optimism of youth. I made friends to a good number of them and have fond memories that will linger long after I've refined my brush strokes.

--- TheLoneRider

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DSC05992 DSC05994 DSC05995 DSC05997 lee

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April 25, 2005

Reader Comments:

Lee PajeLee Paje
(26 Apr 2005) fun times indeed! i'll miss our lunches and conversations. "let it rip! " now that phrase will be stuck in mind. starry nighted huh..yeah i am. often in a blissful state especially in my office.. want to get out of here and draw the whole day.

(26 Apr 2005) Wow! What an interesting and fun website with all your varied activities, adventures and escapades. You look like one of those mystical and enigmatic gurus we get to see only in the magazines. Thanks for including Andreiís picture in the site. He is ecstatic and proud. This kuya is becoming a good example for the younger cousins. Hory is in the office now and will fly to HK tonight till thurs. He will check your site upon arrival. He sends his thanks and regards. Thanks again. By the way, the pizza sure looks scrumptious.

(25 Apr 2005) ohh that's me rubbing your head! and i like that photo of Val and Lee (i think i'll draw it or something)

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