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March 17, 2003 Monday

Art of Living Course - the Last Day

Thai Massage

I came in early and had enough time to chat with Andre. He offered to give me a quick Thai massage which I eagerly accepted (of course!). It was a treat. I thought about the viability of Andre providing Thai massages to mountain bike racers. I'll thank him by connecting him to the race organizers.

"You have no idea what you went through"

I asked Subhasis what he meant by "you have no idea what you went through" by doing the Kriya. I asked because my energy level in my morning workout was unusually high. I felt like the Energizer Bunny that just kept going on and on. I could not help but think it had something to do with the exercises we were undertaking at the course. His answer was for me to religiously do my Kriya everyday for at least 3 months and then I should be able to answer my own question. I felt that a sacred knowledge was handed down to me by that answer. I now set course for a new voyage....Prana development through Kriya for the next 3 months. I am extremely curious where I'll find myself in 3 months in relation to where I stand now.

Again, the discussion part of the session focused on the issues affecting all of us on a day-to-day basis: interpersonal interaction with people around us. We eventually did the Kriya. Subhasis solicited the group response. It ranged from finding peace with the moment, having an emotional experience, feeling light, feeling a thousand needle points, etc. Altogether, we were unanimous in feeling relaxed thereafter. This is perhaps the last time I'll be with my Art of Living family since it's our last day.

Lord Ganesh

The parting was highlighted by the exchange of gifts. I got Rania's name and I handed her my herbal tea + tea mug gift. I received a medallion of Lord Ganesh, a Hindu elephant god, from this gentleman whose name I forgot (shame on me). Being the God of Knowledge and the remover of obstacles, Lord Ganesh is called in the beginning of any performance for blessings and auspiciousness. I don't think I'll be doing that, but I'll treasure the gift as a remembrance from the course that I'm sure will influence a lot of how I think and deal with life issues from here on.

An interesting thing happened as I was helping Kiran pack up. We got locked out of the building and everybody has already left. She called the building admin which took sometime to arrive. In the meantime, we used the moment to talk. Since the course was over, I could now tell her how I felt about it.


The course is much like planting a seed. With proper care and attention, it will grow roots and get anchored while it continues to germinate. This will result in a gradual shift in demeanor, pre-dispostion and overall outlook in life.

What I find extremely useful is the Kriya, a breathing technique designed to harness Prana, the subtle life force in the air we breathe. It is also Prana (also called Chi) that serves as an energy field that makes the body impervious to daily maladies like sickness, poor health and low energy level. The Kriya is also a powerful relaxation technique. It is my hope that Prana development will aid me in my quest to project myself into the outer fringes of the "planes" -- an almost mythical enclave very few of us will ever get to experience.

Moreover, I came away from the course having made human connection: Navid, Helen, Celeste and Andre. I will pursue this connection and let it take me where it takes me.

Also, I feel I've taken another step in immersing myself deeper into the yoga world: first is my yoga with Kiran, then partner yoga with Celeste, Art of Living's yoga/meditation/breathing course, getting my copy of David Swenson's Ashtanga Yoga, my purchase of the Art of Yoga book, etc. This fork on the trail has led me into a bigger trail system...far bigger than I imagined...and the horizon keeps getting bigger as I continue my immersion.

--- TheLoneRider

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