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lucid thoughts

January 3, 2003 Friday

Snow Storm Ride

The news radio wakes me up announcing traffic is jammed due to the snowstorm. Road accidents are not uncommon due to slippery road conditions. Forecast was 25 centimeters of snow for the day and people were being advised to use the trains and leave their cars home.

I've heard enough. I looked out the window and I see the snow still coming down. I planned on biking to work today just like every workday. I pause and couldn't wipe that smile off my face thinking, "Things can't get better than this. What a rush to start my day!"

Fully covered, I rode my bike down the usual route. The temperature was only 0 degrees but the depth of the accumulating snow made the bike ride very difficult. With my skinny road tires, even just 3 inches of snow was a problem. It felt like biking in sand. I had to walk part of the way as I earlier anticipated. I finally arrived at my workplace feeling great for pushing the envelope of an otherwise unpleasant situation. I can imagine pushing borders and testing limits will characterize the rest of the new year. I'm all pumped up.

Maternity Leave

A member of the Content Team, Jun (a she), is off to her maternity leave. It's her last day and the crew takes her to Milestones, a trendy restaurant just across the street from work. Nearly everybody was there. There's also an ongoing pool on when the exact date the baby comes out. Winner takes half and the other half goes to Jun's baby. I'm betting January 16, 12 noon.

The Ride Back

The snow was just dumping down the entire day on by bike which was parked outside the building. I was apprehensive the roads may not be rideable anymore. Fortunately however, portions of some sidewalk were cleared of snow enabling me to ride through and Yonge Street has so much salt it melted the snow into a traction-friendlier slush.


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