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lucid thoughts

September 28, 2002 Saturday


As weekends would have it, I start my day doing yoga with Brian Kest's video series. This time I tried the 3rd and most challenging of his series. I thought I was "advanced" until this. I didn't finish the tape. The balancing poses were formidable. I'll get better with practice.

The Lazy Morning Talk

When the kids are with me, like today, I look forward to waking up with my 4 year old and spend a good amount of time just talking about little things while feeling too lazy to get up. Again, these moments are golden. She'll grow up some day and our lazy-morning-chat will soon be a thing of the past.

Unfortunately, my 10 year old can't join us since she doesn't wake up until close to lunch time.

Pizza Party

Much of the later half of the day was spent prepping for the pizza party this evening - cleaning, doing the OM label for the wine, making pizza dough, etc.


Trifina indicated previously of coming early to take a picture of the sunset from my balcony. She called to say she wouldn't be in time for that. On her behalf then, I took the picture. Funny how taking a sunset picture from my balcony never occurred to me until somebody underscores it.


Emily called to say she and her wife Gen can't make it. That was too bad. Since the OM music festival, I had been looking forward to seeing her again and finally meeting her wife. Well, she mentioned getting together sometime for sushi. I eagerly look forward to it.

Faz and Jane

Faz have already mentioned Jane in a few of our correspondences. Finally, a face to the name...make that a beautiful face to the name. True to his description, Jane is smart and articulate. With Faz's mostly cerebral outlook, it's not hard to see why they click.

Scott and Rashelle

They're the 2 souls responsible in taking me to the OM Festival. This might be a bit of a hyperbole, but I took so much from OM that changed my paradigm fundamentally that if I were to segment my life into time frames, there would be a pre-OM and a post-OM era.

I haven't seen them since OM and missed Rashelle's birthday bash altogether. I'm just too glad to be with them again.

Miho and Amy

The wild card for the party was Miho. I haven't seen nor heard from her since the last time we had coffee 2 months back despite repeated emails including the invite for this event. I was thinking maybe she's out of the country or changed her email addy or worse, maybe I said or did something she didn't like the last time.

Talk about a resurrection, my cell rings in the middle of my French class. It was Miho telling me she'll make it to the pizza party. Good things come in pairs. Such was the case when she shows up with her friend Ami, a fellow Japanese like her who's equally charming and a bit reserved.

Naan Fondue

For a change, I thought I'd put a twist on the appetizer. Instead of using the traditional French baguette for the fondue, I'd use Indian naan bread, the recipe of which I've already downloaded from the 'net. I thought it was interesting to tear the bread and dunk it on the fondue with your hand without the skewers.

The Gathering

Trifina spent a good 12 years of her life in Japan. She was on her elements conversing with Miho and Amy in Japanese. The three of them seemed to gel and teamed up for their prosciutto pizza. On the other hand, Jane and Rashelle were talking in French with a little dabbling from me. Scott and Rachelle made pizza with pesto sauce and sauteed chicken. It was a show stopper. Faz and Jane interestingly used mango as part of their pizza topping...hey, no guts no glory. It wasn't long before everyone was in the swing of things. Chilling at the balcony made for a good view of Yonge Street with fresh air to breathe.

I was having a great time - being with friends I haven't seen in a while and meeting new ones as well, breaking pizza with them, swaying to Dido's music and drinking good wine. I think it was at the 24 Hours of Adrenaline in Kelso in June that I since had a natural high like this. Too much of a good thing? Nah! More like not getting enough of it often enough.


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