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lucid thoughts

December 28, 2002 Saturday

Cuyegkeng's Christmas Party

A longtime family friend, the Cuyegkengs hosted the "old gang" Xmas party at their spacious Oakville residence as usual with just the Pinedas and us. I remember the times when it used to be bigger...but they've all moved on south of the border for greener pasture...the Cabreras, Fernandos and the Tolentinos. They've all prospered, so good for them. Like the Pinedas, it's good seeing the Cuyegkengs do well likewise with family and career. Without other guests but us, it felt just like hanging old times... into the wee hours, talking about stuff without tailor-fitting the subject to accommodate other guests.


The appetizer was a healthy vegetable platter with a luscious dip. What I found very engaging was the simple-looking mini-bun stuffed with escargot. I couldn't get enough of it. The host, Ike, meticulously prepared a medium-rare roast beef purchased from Lawrence Market (remember, he lives in Oakville) with the traditional accoutrement of Yorkshire pudding. What better way to add dimension to a glorious dish than by pairing it with a fitting wine: 1985 Bordeaux from the appelation of Saint-Émilion. The guy obviously knows what he's doing. After a few reverential sips interspaced with long pauses, I found myself delightfully nodding with approval. For a Bordeaux, there was a distinctive absence of tannin. Hmmm, so this is how a fully matured Bordeaux tastes like...very much unlike the wines I make at home <G>. Dessert was equally decadent and sinful: specialty cheesecake from a trendy downtown restaurant - which necessitated a downtown detour. How do you top all that for an après-dinner indulgence? No less than a 1987 Port and Danish Blue cheese. The Brits may cry "Foul" for not using their tradition-honored Stilton but Danish Blue certainly holds its ground.


Grownup time is over and it was time for the kids to have their fun - opening of gifts. The joy painted on their faces was a sight unto itself. Looking at them gave me a chance to be a child again...if only for that fleeting moment.

Until the Next Time

It's time to say goodbye. I'm thankful to remain a part of all this. I'm also glad to see the gang still being together through the years and seeing the kids getting older and bigger. To the Cuyegkengs, for making it a night to remember, I tip my hat.

Reader Comments:

Enrique Cuyegkeng January 08, 2003
Glad you enjoyed. Would be glad to see each other more often and ponder life, lucid or half-lucid. Actually, when are we actually truly lucid.


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