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Ultralight A-Sym Jungle Hammock by Hennessy Hammock Jan 14, 2010

Ultralight A-Sym Jungle Hammock by Hennessy Hammock
Rating: (overall given the updates) star star star star star
(5 out of 5 stars as of Sep 8, 2010 - this may change as I continue to use it)

Maker: Hennessy Hammock - The Future of Ultra Light Shelter Design
MSRP: US$189.95
Outlets: Hennessy Hammock website
Date Acquired: Dec, 2009
Frequency of Use: I just got it

    Features (company claim)
  • built-in mosquito net: 20D, 18 sq. feet
  • water-proof rain fly
  • weight: 1lb.15oz / 860g
  • height limit of user: Up to 6'ft / up to 180cm
  • weight limit of user: 200lbs / 90kg / 14 stone
  • hammock fabric: 70D high thread count
  • 1450-pound ultra light support ropes
  • asymmetrical shape
  • water-collector accessory can be attached to the rain-fly which acts as a tensioning system too
    Intended Use (company claim)
  • ultra-light backpacking
    thumbs upPros
  • Free Snakeskins with each hammock ordered online - snakeskins ease-up assembly and disassembly, prevents hammock from touching the ground
  • ingenious Velcro bottom entry that automatically closes upon loading
    thumbs downCons
  • the side string that comes with the fly is thin and easily tangles up or frays. I would replace that with the string used in window blinds - they're lean, tough, light and manageable. This is a very minor issue....a US$1.00 issue!
  • assembly comes with a mild learning curve. Best to view the video setup on the Hennessy Hammock site
    Advantages of hammock vs. tents
  • doesn't require level ground to setup - you can set it up on rocky or sloping terrain
  • low-impact - you don't trample on vegetation to set it up
  • hammocks are lighter and less bulky

Putting it to the TEST (reliability and performance)


UPDATE: Using the Hammock as a Household Bed star star star star star
(Sept 8, 2010) My humble abode is provided a hard bed but no mattress (click thumbnail). I know I'd be bruised up if I sleep there. I couldn't buy a mattress because I don't know until when I'll be at this place, and I can't fit a mattress in my backpack. Solution? I set up my Hennessy Hammock as my bed. Since Aug. 10, nearly a month now, I'd been sleeping on this hammock. There's no more acidic test to a hammock's comfort than this. Verdict? It's really comfortable and spacious. It feels like being in a double bed that supports varying body positions through the night. I tried sleeping on a regular (fish net type) hammock before and the comparison is night and day. More than ever, I retain the Hennessy's 5-star rating.

hennessy_hammock_jetty Sleeping on a Windy Jetty star star star star star
(Feb 2, 2010) I tried stringing up the hammock on the 3rd floor of an extended jetty shaped like a ship (click thumbnail). The wind condition was hellacious, you would think there was a tropical typhoon. But it was just amplified sea wind at my 3rd story elevation. My UP Mountaineers buddies Fredd, Mark and Tope have already prepared, cooked and eaten dinner and I was still struggling with the hammock. The strings and ropes got tangled up. Eventually, I had to remove the side support strings and settled on the first level where wind was muted. To improve its usability, I got rid of the thin side strings and replaced them with durable and light strings used for blinds. That did the job without adding weight. The wind condition was so adverse that I cannot take it against the hammock. I retain its 5-star rating.

PC191085 Initial Use star star star star star
(Jan 14, 2009) The last time I slept on a hammock, I couldn't sleep. My back could only curve so long before it gets uncomfortable. I thought it would be the same weight/sleeping-comfort compromise with the Ultralight A-Sym Jungle Hammock...wrong! Yes, the hammock is exceptionally light, but it's very comfortable too. Somehow, instead of being cramped into the center of the hammock (like what most hammocks do), I felt a roomy interior that didn't seem to curve my back too much. Maybe that's what the asymmetrical construction does...dunno! I could even vary my sleeping positions. Naturally, I woke up having a nice comfy sleep.

Moreover, the overall design tells me the hammock was well-thought through going over several versions before they've perfected it. They have little add-ons that can only be realized through real-use in the real world - rain collector, snakeskins, bottom entry, automatic Velcro closure, etc. Attention to details was impeccable. The quality and thinking-through of this hammock mirror's the company's tenacity to continually improve this product. 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up!

--- TheLoneRider

Comments? Email

(Jan 21, 2010) I have one. Great hammock! I also use ENO's, the "guide" is easy and light for travel. Nice site and photos :) I mountain bike and kayak - the hammock packs well in both situations. I never use a tent anymore. Enjoy it bruddah

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