The Lone Night Race to Kiltepan Saturday July 2, 2022 EDT 
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mountain biking

The Lone Night Race to KiltepanJanuary 10, 2008

The Lone Night Race to Kiltepan

Since the Abs Showdown, my paradigm has shifted a bit, and it extends even to the way I ride. I'd been simulating races (alone), trying to see what other new experience I can get from it. At non-stop speed, the fun and gentle Kiltepan morphs into a feisty mistress.

From that jumping board, I've tried doing leisurely night rides into Kiltepan's single-track. With dual-halogen NiteRider handlebar lights and a helmet-mount NitePro light (pardon the plug, but I'm sponsor-friendly), I get adequate illumination, specially on turns and switchbacks. It was to experience Kiltepan's dark side - literally.

Up a Notch
To kick it up another notch, I tried non-stop night speed, at night, on technical single-track, non-stop...whoa (well, I took a leak at the viewpoint...took the pic too...ha-ha)! I've done this before in a 5-man team for the 24-Hours of Adrenalin but that's with a full medical crew and riding buddies for support...but now, being alone? It was part scary, part resolve, part adrenalin.

I was doing nicely on my flow, very much in control, when I noticed my lighting dimmed. I stopped, only to realize my handlebar lights were juiced-out. Oh shit! Even though I wasn't too far away from Poblacion, I was still within the near-pitch-black condition of the 5-Minute Trail (the moon had a 9% visibility - waxing crescent). With just my helmet light, I had no backup light anymore...and I knew that my helmet light conks out shortly after my handlebar light. There was no real problem yet, but the monkey mind was messing with me. My focus wasn't there anymore. The nagging, "...what if this turns off too?"-question wouldn't leave me alone. My steering started getting twitchy, my timing off...until I wiped-out on the rocky section. Luckily, I didn't hurt myself. I slowed down after that.

My helmet light started dimming out too when I reached the main road. With decreased visibility, I had to slow down to a crawl until I reached Poblacion.

Ending Thoughts
With every ride, I seem to be in search of something new...a different kind of rush, a new way of riding, new lessons learned...almost begging the trail to share with me some of its secrets. With night racing, Kiltepan was no longer gentle, but a whip-wielding S&M dominatrix out for blood. Yeah...spank me!

--- TheLoneRider

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Reader Comments:

MarioMario Vicencio
(January 12, 2008) Tawa ko sa Kitepan night ride story mo,.."spank me!"

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