Log Cabin Dinner Buffet

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sour dough baguetteOctober 7, 2006 Saturday

Log Cabin Dinner Buffet

Saturday once again, time for the weekly night-on-the-town, Log Cabin Dinner Buffet. The usual suspects seemed thinning out...just Janet and myself, of course with Chef Aklay. Some UP Fine Arts students showed up, batchmates of the batch I taught web design to, with their friends.

Log Cabin Dinner Buffet

Nested Potato Strings
Usually, there's something pleasantly different about the menu. This time, it's the nested fried potato strings. This is labor intensive, so I'm surprised it was even done. The nest made an excellent bowl for the salad and the veggies. It's crackling as you bite into it just added more gusto to this appetizing dish.

Roast Pork
The best roast pork in the province can be had at Log Cabin. However, as good as Aklay's roast pork is, it gets monotonous. Nearly every Saturday is roast pork. I had to call upon his creative indulgence to make something unusual. The roast pork has been done to death. He did say he'll prepare something special for the following Saturday (Oct. 14). That I had to see.

Chocolate Cake
Every buffet night offers a chocolate cake. It's not the same chocolate cake though. Aklay finds new ways of presenting the many variations of this chocolate cake. This night is better than most Saturdays. The cake was just decadent. According to him, it was as rich as he could possibly make it using butter and eggs. One thing about Aklay, he doesn't scrimp on the ingredients. If the recipe calls for 10 eggs, he puts 10 eggs (and not 9 to cut on costs).

Ending Thoughts
The chocolate cake took the cake on this night. Moreover, I'm excited what he'll whip up for this coming Saturday. It'll be a long while until I start craving for his roast pork though.

--- TheLoneRider

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Reader Comments:

Christine Cagandahan
(Oct 10, 2006) thanks for informing us about Log Cabin and buffet. 250 pesos is worth it!

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