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chilling out

UP Fair February 19, 2006 Sunday

UP Fair 2006

To those unfamiliar with the event, UP walls-off the Sunken Garden to host an annual festivity in participation of various student organizations. Food booths, bric-a-brack, rides, karaoke booths, henna parlors, etc. fill up the fair grounds. The highlight of the event are the live bands. They start off at 7pm and take turns until about 4 am. As many as 10 bands could be performing in one night. Big names like Kitchie Nadal, Brownman Revival and Imago do a shoot out with upstart garage bands that make up the colors of the night. Admission: P70...more or less.

Climbing Walls
This year, 2 climbing walls were erected to accomodate this increasingly popular fair feature. The UP Grip and the UP Mountaineers took to the task of belaying and coaching climbing enthusiasts who come down smiling after a climb. At P10/climb, it was a painless way to get introduced to the sport. It was also an excellent fund raiser to support the varied activities of the orgs.

Increased security was the most pronounced change this year. The past years have been marred by violence and unrest. Two years ago, a fatal stabbing incident occurred. Outsiders who wanted in on the fair grounds tried to break down the perimeter wall. Last year, fist fights were a dime a dozen. Well, the organizers have learned this time. Highly visible security was provided by SWAT teams, university police, cali-wielding auxiliary security and organizing frat members. They stood firm and tall in keeping the potential unrest in check.

Paint Ball
This is the latest addition to what has been a 'same old thing' at the fair. For P150 per entry, Rambo wannabes get their adrenaline rush 'taking no prisoners' and still coming out in one piece. Come to think of it, warring fraternities should settle their beef here. Winners get bragging rights and no one gets maimed.

It would have been a well-thought out event if not for the lack of portolets. Outside the fair grounds where masses of people hang out, there was none...NONE! Is it because people who didn't pay admission don't deserve a dignified way to relieve themselves? Inside the fair grounds (where people paid to get in), there was only 1 portolet per gender - which makes a total of 2 portolets for the entire event. The lines were of course, inherently long (and needless). Bungled priority, if you ask me. To those who suffered UTI, how about calling the organizers' attention to it? If you don't, expect the same treatment next year.

It's probably politically incorrect to use the word 'jologs', but for lack of a better word, I'll use it...or maybe I can use the line 'mosh pit hooligans'. However they are regarded, they certainly add color and dimension to the event. They're usually young, dressed in black, try to sneak their way into the event (or try tearing down the fair wall) and form themselves collectively into an impacted core. Here, they dance and jump around mosh-pit style like a pack of hyenas. Those who don't want to get hurt better stay out of their radius.

I was thoroughly amused at the cat-and-mouse game they played with security. Some got beaten up in the process. But given their history, it was good measure to nip the activity at the bud. If allowed to go on unabated (like in the previous years), things get out of control and more people get hurt.

Ending Thoughts
After a week-long of partying and listening to the bands until the wee hours, it was a good fill of an excellent thing. I'm glad there's UP Fair and I'm glad it's an annual thing. With the UP Mountaineers, we always do a post-climb asessment. It would be an excellent idea to adopt this practice to ensure every fair year is better than the last.

--- TheLoneRider

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Reader Comments:

Dyosa Antonio - UP Grip President
(21 Feb 2006) Your site never fails to impress me, astig talaga! maraming salamat for the support and all... :) hope to see you at the acquaintance party.

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