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chilling out

Ihaw NightSeptember 1, 2005 Thursday

Burner Night

Since the fashion show at Home Econ, it's been awhile since I got together with my friends. Usually, this calls for a gathering over ihaw (grill). The lowdown was we all go to Rustan's and get a personal serving size of whatever we want to grill. We head back to a place where we can fire it up using a borrowed Weber dome-covered grill. Putting the dome locks up the flavor and infuses the food with a smokey aroma. That's ihaw at its best. Then we all nibble on each other's plate. We had quite an assortment - salmon, chicken, focacia, peppers, pork chop, tomatoes, etc. The ladies seemed to have a fun time.

One of the guys was Armin. We came from the same high school, both moved to Toronto, had common friends there, went to the same parties...and get this - we even went to Burning Man in the same year. But we never met until we both arrived here in the Philippines last year.

When we finally talked about what happened to our lives after the Burn, the parallelism continued - we left our jobs, left Canada in search of, and then we bumped into each other here...uncanny.

The Man burns again in 2 days. The ihaw, in a way, was a fitting celebration of the Burn between two burners who couldn't be there but lived the magic.

--- TheLoneRider

September 1, 2005

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