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lucid thoughts

August 19, 2002 Monday


Recovering from the weekend's race, I just did a low level workout - cardio and a good amount of stretching. I noticed new bruises showing up. Hmm....good material for a show-and-tell.

Ross and partners

Ross, an mtb rider and former Webmaster -Technical teacher at Seneca wanted to meet with me together with his partners at Indigo. Apparently they need a site for their business - corporate funky that exudes forward thinking. Fine. I met with them and came away with a sense that these guys have a vision of what the future holds for the internet. If they are right, they're likely to make it big. Reminds me of the guys who started a search engine (maybe Yahoo but not sure) on the basis of a vision. Well, the rest is history. With a vision, an almost single-minded focus permeates within the corporate culture. Passion and motivation run high.

Whether I get the contract or not doesn't interest me as much as seeing if their vision holds true - time will tell.

Brian Lee

Trilife's Marketing Coordinator, Brian Lee, stopped by to check out some of the pictures I've taken during the race. The course of the conversation drifted from mountain biking to just about everything else under the sun. One intriguing story he had was his travel to the island of Ko Pangan in Thailand, where thousands of party people from all over the world converge for the infamous Full Moon Parties, and Black (New) Moon parties. The bohemian revelry reminds me of stuff I read about Burning Man in California and my own experience at the OM Summer Solstice. I would certainly bookmark that place.

Our casual chat added dimension to an already interesting person. I'm reminded of a scene in Casablanca when Bogart tells the police chief, " This can be a start of a beautiful friendship".

--- TheLoneRider

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