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June 2012 archive

June 2012 Blogs

New Comment from Archived Stories

Donabell BernalesDonabell Bernales (story: Of Money and of Being Broke)
(June 14, 2012) Your story inspires me to get going. I have been struggling since 2006 when my partner died. I've been working abroad to earn a living, but I was deported year 2010 Aug. Until now its been difficult...but accidentally I read your story and it helps me realize so many things. Thank you for sharing your life...

(June 2011) I was backpacking my way through the innermost reaches of Kalinga where I didn't see any tourist for the entire 2 weeks I was there. It was so isolated that to reach the villages would require a few hours hike into the mountains. I was talking to a local, curious of what else I could do to explore the place:
TheLoneRider: "Tell me more about this place. I'd like to see waterfalls, explore caves and hike to great views and drink natural spring water."
Kalinga local: (looking at me somehow strangely) "Oh? Me, I would like to see tall buildings, fast cars, and bright city lights."

Seekers' Lair Yoga

Seekers' Lair

(Jun 25, 2012) After my 10-day Vipassana Meditation in Cebu, I found myself within the orbit of seekers pursuing higher evolution. I speculate that they are in search of the truth, in search of themselves, and in general, searching for clarity to all the insanity they see around them. Although they come from different pursuits, I see a common denominator. They are all questioning Thomas' - free thinkers exercising critical thinking, anchored by logic, and subscribers to the betterment of humankind..more »»

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