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Christmas Abs Showdown 2010

Hopefully, your sculpted abs will be your Christmas present to yourself.
Please read this webpage thoroughly. I won't entertain inquiries that are already addressed below.

To get in, please submit the following:

  • short bio introducing yourself - include city and country. Who you are, why you're joining, objective, fitness background, etc. People will be curious about you.
  • a profile picture (your face) and full shot (action shot). No need yet for abs pictures until showdown starts.
  • email me your bio, profile pix and action shot at:
  • Registration Fee: Outside the Philippines: CAN$50. Within the Philippines: P500. Don't make any payment yet! For now, I just need your bio, profile pic and action shot.


  • weekly abs pictures should be in by Tuesday noon, however, a grace period of 2 days is given (up to Thursday noon, but picture will be grayed out). After Thursday noon, no more submission will be posted and a 'no submission' entry will be displayed.
  • dates/days are Philippine time based on this site:
  • after 3 'no submissions', you're disqualified and no further posting will be done
  • pictures submitted should be around 1000 pixels wide (to give me slack in editing)
  • abs pictures should be contracted (abs muscles flexed)
  • showdown starts when we gather critical mass (around 10 participants) and runs for 3 months
  • Poll voting runs for 1 month

Poll Voting
Poll voting will be done for the MOST it's not about the next guy, but you against your old self.


  • Look in the mirror...that's your prize!
  • Maybe...a very small maybe, I can get a sponsor to donate swag...but don't count on it. But just in case, shipping to be borne by participant

I'll be joining the weekly submission (it's my way of keeping fit), but because I'm the moderator, I won't join in the poll voting. I don't really care about "winning"...I just want good abs!.

--- TheLoneRider

    Abs Tips:
  • you can't do it just by doing mega-crunches. you need to diet and do lots of cardio.
  • to measure your progress, you can do a fixed number of abdominal reps/week and increase the number every week. by the end of the program, you should be able to do 600 reps/session - a combination of side-bends, crunches, leg-raises, sit-ups, etc.
  • ideally, you should only use body weight 'coz you want your waist slim and lean...not wide and bulky
  • high rep is ideal until you feel the burn...and then continue until you feel fire!
  • best to take the photo shot with a uni-directional yellow light pointing highlights shadows

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