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chilling out

Holidays in Sagada January 5, 2008

Christmas 2007 and New Year 2008 in Sagada

New Ground
I've always spent the holidays in Manila with my Dad and people close to me, but for a change, I thought I'd spend it in Sagada by myself while offering my place to good friends from Manila. With the exception of the dinner buffets at Log Cabin, I was resigned to treating the holidays just like a regular day...working-out, riding out there, cooking lessons with Aklay, doing web design work, reading up, etc.

Good People
But when the tourists ascended upon the village for the yuletide season, that all changed. I met new people, unexpectedly bumped into friends from Manila, got referred to by friends (and friends of friends), got invites to people's houses and events, and then, there's the UP Mountaineers contingent in 3 batches - Danny's, Daddy-O's and Paul's. No day passed-by without action happening somewhere...a hike here, a ride there, booze, pig-outs, but mostly, bonding with friends some of whom I never got to bond with before. It was hectic at times when I only had an hour's break from the departing batch to when the new ones arrive, but it's all good. Everyone over the holidays was good people. They carried their own weight, owned up and knew how to have a great time.

Normally, I'd be afraid of getting overwhelmed (I'm not used to this), but this time, I just let it rip, letting things play itself out...and it played out nice and dandy, one good thing after another...yeah, good food, good people, chill vibe...some great holiday.

--- TheLoneRider

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Reader Comments:

(Jan 15, 2008) Nagtra-training na rin ako ng husto sa pag bike para marating pa ang ibang lugar dyan sa Sagada. After my first off-trail experience, na-appreciate ko kahit papaano ang mga daan dito sa Manila hindi dahil sa malinis at maayos ang mga daan dito. Ngayon kasi, kahit papaano nama-manage ko nang i-ride yung mga pataas na road dito na hindi humihinto. I wish nga lang na sana mas malinis ang hangin dito. Sige hanggang sa muli . . .

(Jan 9, 2008) Pinagbibintangan nyo ba ako na inubos ang tinapay ni Aklay? hehehe...i got carried away...but i gave 1 bag to Daddy'o ha. Yang ham ni Aklay, hindi pa ako give up dyan, supply lang ng pata ang problema... So LoneRider, bantayan mo si Bacon, kung makidnap sya one of these days, alam mo na what fate she suffered.

(Jan 8, 2008) you have a great site & content, someday i'll make one for myself hehehe twas nice meeting TheLoneRider!

(Jan 8, 2008) yes, salamat, i super enjoyed my stay there. thanks for being so welcoming and warm. :) sorry, naubos namin yung bread, akala ko meron tinabi si aklay for you guys. :p

Paul Villegas
(Jan 8, 2008) nice pics and wonderful photo captions.:) ha!ha!ha!:) thanks for the sumptuous breakfast.:) grabe, para ngang it was a "six degrees of separation" thing during the new year holiday in sagada.:) btw, i have another upm tsimis for Ditsi.:) ha!ha!ha!:)

(Jan 7, 2008) Hey, man! Just read the Christmas story... Christmas morning breakfast at your place, the trek to the coffins, and our buffet dinner at Log Cabin were the highlights of our trip, a very short trip I must say. Simply put, the time we spent hanging made Christmas for us in Sagada. Take it easy, bro.

Dennis Lopez
(Jan 7, 2008) Waaaahhh! inggit ako! sabi nga nila, nasa huli ang pagsisisi. (translation: like said they, in the catch is the blaming)

(Jan 2, 2008) I did tell Mona about you athough I didn't mention your name and never got around to giving her your contact info. I didn't even realize you knew each other :) Well, glad you hooked up. Have a great new year!

(Dec 31, 2007) Finally I'm home na. Thanks sa lahat regarding my stay dyan sa Sagada. Happy New Year!

(Dec 31, 2007) Really appreciated meeting you, it really capped off our trip very well. I'm sure our paths will cross again. We'll definitely be headed up to Sagada much more often. Take care and have a great new year!

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