Hank Palenzuela's Birthday Bash at Big Sky Mind

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chilling out

Hank Palenzuela August 25, 2007
Hank Palenzuela's Birthday Bash at Big Sky Mind

Saturday Night's Alright
It started out at 70's Bistro when I bumped into Kookey Chua who told me she'd be singing a few tunes at Big Sky Mind that Saturday. I penciled it in thinking it was just another Saturday night at Big Sky. I even invited to meet up there with my riding buddy Steve, who came down from Sagada.

Pirate's Den
It turned out to be Hank's birthday bash, themed "Pirates of the Caribbean". It was colorful seeing all hands coming on deck, garbed in their pirate bandanas and accessories - the 'la artsy' types, musicians, beatniks, indies, etc. Not to be too early for his own bash, Hank arrived fashionably late looking no less than the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow himself.

And the Bank Played On
As a former member of the Agaw-Agimat band, Hank had a good number of musician gatherers who took turns on the mic, belting out tunes from the 80s up. Music flowed like water and the packed crowd was ecstatic. It was a fun night.

--- TheLoneRider

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