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chilling out

Orenz Birthday Bash July 28, 2006 Friday

Orenz Birthday Bash

Orenz, or "O" for short, is probably one of the most likeable people in our batch (Batch Project 2005) at the UP Mountaineers. Guys find him pleasant and the girls, well, they think he's hot. He's consistently on the 'top 3' - guys in our batch the women have the hots for. Hmmm...wonder what cologne he uses.

A Surprise Welcome
I didn't know it was his birthday, let alone be invited. Anyway, I'd been out of UP since I left Manila 4 months ago to live in Sagada. I just came back for my Dad's birthday. The funny thing is, when I alighted from the bus upon arrival in Manila at 5 a.m., my batchmates were surprisingly there giving me hugs and telling me it was a good thing to see me again. Of course I was touched. How did they even know I was coming? I didn't tell anyone except Mimsy and my Dad. And they woke up early to welcome me? How nice!

As coincidence would have it, they were there to board the bus for their early climb in Tarlac...it had nothing to do with my arrival...so much for being Mr. Popular...sigh!!! It was a good feeling though, albeit short lived.

The Party
Most of my batchmates were there and then some. The usual trappings were all there - booze, the ribbing, the tall tales, the latest gossip (who's seeing who...he-he), etc. With Dennis around, it can only mean good pulutan (beer food). A competent mountaineer with a laid-back demeanor, he was instrumental in pulling our batch together. I'm glad he's still hanging out with us, even after our induction (paging Robert!!!).

Ending Thoughts
I didn't know how much I miss these guys until I was with them again...just like old times. It didn't seem like a day passed since I was at the UPM tambayan (chill out place) hanging out with them. What can I say? These are golden moments. Happy Birthday, O! My gift? Your most memorable picture.

--- TheLoneRider

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Reader Comments:

(15 Aug 2006) naks naman special naman pala birthday ni O....may sariling entry pa sa thelonerider.com....Thanks! Yup it was good that you were there.....:D

Leorence Amarille
(15 Aug 2006) yeah! salamat! at sa lahat ng pumunta nung bday ko...hope marami pang susunod na parties na magkakasamasama batch natin. kanino na sunod? =)

Bernice Varona
(15 Aug 2006) ei, we have to plan for our bdays... hehe dennis' bday is the day before mine, then yours is just 5 days away :) are you coming back down then? i've been thinking din, if the induction climb is on Oct, and if it will be in Pulag, will you be able to go? lapit lang nun eh! :) and syempre if sumama pa sila PJ, lenee, mike and tristan (and others na continuing), kailangan salubungin nating batch! like the pics hehe :)

(15 Aug 2006) Naks naman! I shed half a tear after reading this.

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