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Singapore Cafes

Discovering the Neighborhood Cafes of Singapore Aug. 8-22, 2016

Discovering the Neighborhood Cafes of Singapore

Location: Bugis area, Lavender vicinity, along Jalan Besar

Neighborhood Secrets
I am partial to coffee and the trendy cafes where you can get the finest brew in a themed setting evoking ambience and mood. I've experienced the permeating cafe culture in Ho Chi Min City, the emergent cafe scene in Malacca and now in Singapore, I enjoy my leisurely neighborhood stroll in eager anticipation of discovering its hidden secrets. Exploring is fun and full of surprises - trendy cafes, artistic chill zones, innovative restos, etc. Every few blocks or so, I stumble upon a chic cafe that invites me in. I could stop by, take a sip and do some online work, but I can't help bringing my friends over for coffee conversation across the table. With cool music in the background to complement the scene, the whole thing just gets chilled.



the.twenty.cavan, Singaporethe.twenty.cavan
t20cavan is a chic resto featuring East-meets-West fusion cooking by Chef Andrew Lim. The interior of t20cavan was more impressive than how it looks from the outside. This surprise seems like a recurring theme...from interior to food. The interior art deco was roughed-up brick wall on one side, high ceiling, dim-lit multi-bulb lumination, spacious dining and open kitchen. Foodwise, Chef Andrew is more of an alchemist who knows what he's doing. He experiments with East-West flavors and comes up with something familiar yet alien but altogether deliciously wicked - the Prawns & Scallops dish is one of them. This is one dining experience not to be missed in Singapore!

The Coffee Shot
Aside from the usual trendy look-and-feel, this cafe excels for 2 unique reasons:

  1. it has a $3 espresso price entry point which is accessible to those like me who have to factor-in price in the menu
  2. it offers a stay-and-feel-at-home relaxing ambience. They don't push you out the door after paying

Ending Thoughts
When was the last time you ventured out of your comfortable neighborhood and explored an area you haven't been to? You just might be pleasantly surprised. Start with the cafes :)

--- TheLoneRider

the Coffee Academics is an award winning cafe in the Bugis area the Coffee Academics is an excellent cafe for online browsing...reliable and fast wifi AEIOU Cafe....looking busy and eclectic inviting Eunice to explore the cafe scene of AEIOU Cafe
the Tiramisu Hero hints of a story book theme near Jalan Besar afternoon cafe with Pia at Tiramisu Hero Bravery Cafe near MRT Lavender is easy to miss and seems designed to be that way inside Bravery Cafe is subdued and unpretentious
the.tweny.cavan is a cafe/resto with an urban industrial decay theme to it high ceiling and white-washed brick wall on the.twenty.cavan. Dinner with Eunice...a must-experience! The Refinery is a resto/bar but can double up as a cafe The Coffee Shot makes you feel at ease...they won't make you feel that you are overstaying
comfy furniture and laid-back ambience at The Coffee Shot...Eunice thinks so! Bao Makers evokes a pensive mood coffee anyone? at Bao Makers when all the other cafes get too noisy, there is the elegantly muted white space of Arcadia Hotel Cafe

Coffee Tips

  • if you're buying a coffee grinder, choose the burr-type instead of the blade type. The burr-type grinds coffee to a more consistent grade (a little pricey but worth it)
  • coffee goes stale fast. Store it in the freezer.
  • don't use boiling water to brew coffee. Wait a minute for the boiled water to cool a bit before pouring into the coffee grounds. Boiling water releases the bitter alkaloides in coffee.
  • have your coffee beans ground according to your brewing device. French Press, coarse. Drip coffee maker, fine. Espresso, very fine. Ibrik (Turkish way of brewing), pulverized
  • use cream (the one for making fruit salad) for coffee instead of milk or Coffeemate for superior taste and texture
  • ground coffee absorbs external odors - keep it insulated

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Google Map Singapore

tourist attractions in Singapore tourist attractions
  • Little India Little India - Little India is the main tourism hub in Singapore. Friday and Saturday nights become animated with the night market
  • Chinatown Chinatown -colorful and animated with Chinese ware shopping, sumptuous street food and hawker-style eats, try Ah Balling Peanut Soup
  • Orchard Road Orchard Road - upscale shopping and glitzy night life
  • Arab Street Arab Street - backpacker dorms, shisha smoking with Middle Eastern atmosphere
  • Singapore Zoo Singapore Zoo - experience the night zoo, S$38
  • Fountain of Wealth Fountain of Wealth - at Suntec City, largest fountain in the world (Guinness Book of Records in 1998), shop-til-you-drop
  • The Southern Ridges The Southern Ridges - best trekking trails in Singapore extending 10kms through lush forest canopy. Bring water, sunscreen and a hat
  • Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery - biggest Buddhist temple in Singapore
  • Marina Bay Sands Marina Bay Sands - Singapore's most iconic building and most expensive at US$5.5B. Imagine a surf board on top of three skyscrapers
hotels in Singapore hotel
  • Arcadia Hotel Arcadia Hotel - stylish, modern, urbane, cool and confident. Jalan Besar district
    32 Hamilton Road, Singapore 209201
    +65 6718 0700 | | 1°18'42.0"N 103°51'41.1"E
  • 7 Wonders Hostel 7 Wonders Hostel - backpacker community, sleeping capsules, free wifi, complimentary breakfast, live English Premier League, dining, motion sensor lighting, alfresco outdoor sitting area
    257 Jalan Besar, Singapore 208930
    tel: (+65) 6291 3774 | 1°18'36.2"N 103°51'29.8"E
  • Meadows Hostel Meadows Hostel - newly opened, all new and clean, backpacker capsule beds, central Lavender District location, 24/7 compli tea and coffee, wifi, compli breakfast
    7A Hamilton Road, Kallang, Singapore, Singapore 209178
    tel: 6298.1323 | 1°18'40.2"N 103°51'38.0"E

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Reader Comments:

Carl JohnsonCarl Johnson
(8 Sep 2016) I recommend the Tiong Bahru Market, cnr Lim Lak St and Seng Poh Road. Great food market, just get in the longest queue to see what the locals find so special! For coffee in this food court I do recommend the Koppie Museum - run by a raconteur of note! This neighbourhood is just off Outram Road above the hospital. Lots of expensive trade joints around the area but the food hall is very local.

Jon Kenneth GotiongJon Kenneth Gotiong
(8 Sep 2016) Habitat Coffee, Jewel Cafe and Papa Palheta are good cafes too

Aug. 8-22, 2016

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